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[Invited tasting by HGW and St Regis] I was cordially invited by HGW and St Regis Singapore to an undoubtedly gorgeous restaurant -...

[Invited tasting by HGW and St Regis]

I was cordially invited by HGW and St Regis Singapore to an undoubtedly gorgeous restaurant - Brasserie Les Saveurs. So beautifully adorned with sophisticated furnishings and full length glass windows, it completes my dining experience here at Brasserie Les Saveurs, perfectly

The restaurant has 2 cosy areas that are tucked in the corner of the restaurant. It gives diners an option to enjoy some personal time while enjoying the dinner, although I find the dining experience outside equally good. Accompanied with classy background music and occasionally complemented with a restaurant singer, time passes very fast here as you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. 

Buffet line of dessert and pastries. 

What awaits us is a 6-course meal that is also newly created by Chef Antoine Bonnet from France. 

Amuse Bouche
Pan-seared Scallop dipped in Potato Espuma with sesame oil
To prep and warm our stomach for the delectable dishes coming up, we were presented with a delicate cup of Potato Espuma containing a big round piece of Pan-Seared Scallop. The sides of the scallop was slightly crunchy but still manage to lock in the moisture within. Already flavourful by itself, the scallop taste even better after generously coated with Potato Espuma. 

Salad Nicoise S$36
Who would have thought that greens can arrive at your table looking so appetizing. Besides mesclun leaves, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs, the Salad Nicoise includes quality ingredients like black-pepper-seared yellow fin tuna and marinated anchovies. 

The more than ordinary appetizer pleases the tastebud with their salad dressing that comes with a tangy taste. 

The fulfilling seafood dining experience starts with the restaurant's Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs.

Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs S$19
What surprise me was not the abundant fresh seafood filling the bowl to the brim. It was the thick broth stock that has gone through a long slow simmer with saffron and fennel, giving diners a palatable bowl of fisherman's seafood stew. 

Bouillabaisse Facon Les Saveurs S$19

Le Homard Thermidor S$75
The lobster always steal the limelight of the night without fail, for it goes through much complexity to cook up a lobster dish and of course its expensive value. The interesting thing about the Le Homard Thermidor is this: The lobster body is first chopped into bite-sized pieces with sautéed mushroom, then flamed with cognac, mushroom bechamel sauce and gratinee gruyere; while the lobster claws are lightly battered and fried to give a different texture. 

Slightly coated with mozzarella cheese, the succulent lobster meat was truly unforgettable. 

Le Homard Thermidor S$75

And finally, the Australian Prime Rib Carving Trolley that made everyone hold up their cameras and phones. It was a pity that we had to snap photos crazily but that's also how you get to see the photos of the food, isn't it? :)

Australian Prime Rib S$48
Brace yourself for a flavour explosion as you work through the premium ribs that come with the choice of either horseradish sauce or red wine sauce.. or take the best of both worlds! Served with roasted potatoes and tomatoes, sink your teeth into the Australian Prime Rib as it scores a touchdown with its succulent and juicy texture. 

To end of the mouth-watering series of dishes, we had the Le Gateau A La Banane -Banana mousse cake and apricot compote, mango salsa, banana and ginger ice cream. It could be better if the ginger ice cream has a stronger ginger taste. But other than that, the banana mousse cake was certainly moist. 

Le Gateau A La Banane S$14

Brasserie Les Saveurs @ St Regis Singapore is definitely a great and grand dinner place for special occasions where you wish to leave the hustle and bustle behind, relax and ... enjoy the cuisine.  

Brasserie Les Saveurs
St Regis Hotel Lobby Level
29 Tanglin Road Singapore 297911
Tel: +65 65066860

It is a 10-15 minutes walk away from the Orchard MRT Station. 


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