Beauty Review: Scholl Compression Stockings

[sponsored review]  Imagine ladies wearing high heels walking around in the shopping mall the whole day. First thing that comes to my m...

[sponsored review] 

Imagine ladies wearing high heels walking around in the shopping mall the whole day. First thing that comes to my mind is, isn't that painful!? Yes it is. Some ladies love to wear heels because it gives a slimming and elongating effect to their beautiful pair of legs. But beautiful image aside, what happens when that girl takes off her heels at night? 

Sore, aching legs that you wish you get eliminate the pain immediately. 


So what is a good cure to sore and aching legs? Muscle rubs?
What if there's an easier and much more fuss-free alternative that rids the ache while you're .... asleep

The Scholl Compression Stockings, just like the name suggests, provides compression along your legs just while you sleep! Simply wear it on before you go to sleep and wear it the whole night, just that simple.

Here's the measurement for the sizes available:

Scholl Compression Stockings
 1. Thoroughly supports your leg with low compression levels
2. The ankle area is designed flat to make it suitable for sleeping positions
3. Open toe design to release heat during sleep 
4. Cotton material provides comfort 
5. Relief tired and swollen legs while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs 

Scholl Compression Stockings come in a very soothing lavender color. This color is so pretty and soothing, I love it a lot. 

This is how it looks like when worn. 
Immediately upon putting on the stockings, I can feel the comfortable level of compression that isn't too tight to the extent of discomfort. 

Alright enough of blabbering. I think results speak much louder than words isn't it? 
I determine the result by measuring the circumference of my calf and thigh. 

The measurements decrease by 0.3 inches or so, just by wearing the stockings only.
This actually shows the compression impact on my legs. 

After wearing the stockings overnight, The measurements decrease by a whopping 0.7 inches on my fat thighs, and 0.3 inches on my calves! This shows the slimming effect by the stockings throughout the night. 

The simple measurements have shown you that Scholl Compression Stockings really work. In fact, I have been wearing the stockings every night for a week or so. Every night when I turn in with aching legs, the ache will simply be gone or at least be reduced the next morning. No muscle rubs or physical massage was involved! 

I also love how this thing works so easily. I just have to put it on before I go to sleep, and take if off when I wake up. How tough can it be? :)

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Aching legs, be gone!
Celine Chiam

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