Food tasting: Wan He Lou chinese cuisine

[Invited food tasting by Streetdirectory and Wan Fu Lou ]  Wan Fu Lou is a newly opened Chinese Restaurant nestled in the area of Laven...

[Invited food tasting by Streetdirectory and Wan Fu Lou ] 

Wan Fu Lou is a newly opened Chinese Restaurant nestled in the area of Lavender. It serves quite affordable chinese cuisine and therefore an ideal place for family lunch/dinner.

Fresh Vegetable Juice $2.50
 Instead of carbonated drinks, how about opting a freshier alternative, the vegetable juice? Surprisingly, the juice doesn't taste much like vegetables, but rather a very sweet taste. 

Crispy Seafood Delight and Otah with crepe (S$17.90)
This was one of my favourite for the mayonnaise complements the crispy crepe that wraps that fried otah underneath. Otah was not spicy at all so people who can't take spicy can enjoy this with a peace of mind. 

Pan Fried Garoupa Fish with Pomelo Sauce (S$19.90/ S$32.90)
Though the name indicates 'Pomelo', the sauce ultimately taste more like mango sauce instead. Comes with real mango and dragonfruit bits, the sauce promises a more unique taste for this dish. Besides,with the sour nature that comes with the 'Pomelo' sauce, you will probably find yourself picking up the crispy fried chicken without stopping! 

Pan Fried Garoupa Fish with Pomelo Sauce (S$19.90/ S$32.90)

Signature chicken 
The reason why I didn't show the price for this dish is because it's new and the owner has yet to decide the price for it. Nonetheless, it's an absolute favourite because not only is it coated with sweet marinated sauce, the chicken wing has been de-boned and stuffed with even more meat. That being said, you get to enjoy a normal chicken wing meat without any bones: simply no frills! 
Signature chicken 

Korubuta Pork Roll wrapped with Garlic Shoots 
Okay Korubuta meat lovers, you'll love this! 
Rolled into retangular rolls with bamboo shoots in the middle, a bite of this consists several layers of korubuta pork meat, hence one roll was neither too thick nor thin. The bamboo shoots added an extra texture to the roll. I do appreciate how it was presented rather than just pieces of korubuta pork stacked over each other, but this is not an absolute must-have.

Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg
On the flipside, the Crispy Lotus faired better. Not comparing an apple with an orange, but comparing in terms of the uniqueness of the dish. Lotus in a soup, I've certainly tried before. But definitely not fried lotus slices drizzled with salted egg seasonings. Surprisingly, the seasonings do not cause a very salty taste, so I guess it's quite a good choice for families with elderly. 

Soya Bean Curd with Crab Meat in Yellow Gravy
If you prefer one that is easier on the teeth (lol), you can try the Soya Bean Curd with Crab Meat in Yellow Gravy. The yellow gravy is made from pumpkin, while the green layer on top of the beancurd is made from spinach. 

Stir-fried French Bean with Dried Shrimp 
Frankly, there isn't anything special about this, though I admit I was a victim of the dried shrimp because they taste so addictive. Salty though! 

Fried prawn in Shan Zha Sauce 
Shan Zha (山楂) itself meant something sour. This whole juicy prawn that comes with shan zha sauce was honestly an irresistible one, especially when prawns are cut open for easy shell-removing. It was a slight pity though cause the flesh did not really lock in the sauce flavour.

Fried prawn in Shan Zha Sauce 

Lobster porridge ($29.90 for 2 pax approx)

The one that everyone was looking forward to was none other than the Signature Lobster Porridge. You can even spot several posters promoting their signature dish hanging on their walls. 

Lobster porridge ($29.90 for 2 pax approx)

And I guess all for this reason, the expectation was held too high. When I first tried the porridge, it was really mediocre. Well the porridge soup was sweet, but there wasn't much lobster taste. The lobster meat itself was a tad too bland and the broth was not really absorbed into the meat. Nonetheless, the texture of the lobster was there for its chewy and succulent meat. 
Lobster meat from lobster porridge

Wan He Lou
65 Maude Road #01-01 
Singapore 208347
Tel: 6294 8057 
Opening Hours: 
Mon - Sun: 11am - 2.30pm, 5.00pm - 10.30pm

Celine Chiam 

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