Do YOU love SNACKS? Personally, I love them. My friends on my instagram would t...

Personally, I love them. My friends on my instagram would totally know this fact especially when I always post photos of my tidbits and snacks. I even have a locker in my school specially dedicated as a food locker!

Look what I've gotten this time.

This time,  I got to try 3 flavours of the snack, namely Creamy Milk, Chocolate and Strawberry.

As an avid lover of snacks, I cannot stop snacking when I get bored. Especially doing work! So when I heard of KOALA’S MARCH snack (which I’ve never tried before), I must really try it! 

LOTTE KOALA’S MARCH is a convenient for its bite-sized and crunchy biscuit. I love the rich and quality cream filling inside each cookie. 

And do you know, Lotte Koala's March snack has 365 koala characters imprinted on the cookie surface! That’s like a lot. The designs offer those who see these characters the simple delight that comes from association with a character drawn on a cookie. 

If you've heard of it, there's a video about how Lotte Koala's March snack can turn into a cookie ball after shaking for .. quite a long time. 

All you have to do is to shake before opening the packaging.
In fact, shake vigorously.

It took me quite a while to shake (about 10 mins) and I still couldn't get the perfect cookie ball!  But the idea is there. If you shake for half an hour (as suggested on a youtube video), you can actually achieve a rounder and denser cookie ball. 

Supposed to look like this:

photo from Koala's March FB Page

After trying the all the 3 flavors, I really thought each small cookie is packed with a lot of filling inside! To illustrate to you, a similar product for comparison would be HELLO PANDA. 

So yup! Perhaps give  Lotte Koala's March snack and who knows you might actually like it! It's time for a change.

PS: My favourite is the creamy milk flavour! 


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  1. Thanks for your review about Lotte Koala March, Celline. I'm so helpful to make my tasks about reviewing this snack. For sure I'll include your blog address in source. Thankssss

    1. I hope I get the best score in my class ehehehehe:D


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