[Results] My Derma-Rx (DRx) skincare journey to beautiful skin

A month after  my first trip to DRx , I went for a review consultation to review my skin progression. In this post, I'll be showing...

A month after my first trip to DRx, I went for a review consultation to review my skin progression. In this post, I'll be showing you the results of my skin after using the products after 1 month. 

For the past one month, I've been using these products: 

1. Foaming cleanser (170ml) SGD42.80
2. Toner (170ml) SGD42.80
3. Comedone Formula (25ml) SGD78.11
4. Blemish Formula (25ml) SGD74.90
5. MAX C (35ml) SGD169.06
6. Acne Spot Lotion (6ml) SGD26.75
7. Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ (60ml) SGD62.06

Other than these products, I've not used any exfoliators, face masks, pore strips etc etc. This is because since I have the full DRx skincare regime, I need to know whether DRx products alone can promise results. Likewise, this is to make sure the improvements of my skin are solely resulted from DRx products. 

So now, are you ready to check out the results? 
Click "read more" to look at the before and after photos. 

***Beware: Facial photos ahead, view at own discretion***

Before I started taking care of my skin (which was only about a year ago), I really didn't put much attention to it because I was not aware what will happen few years down the road. As the years passed, I started to notice my skin tone is not as bright and refreshing as before, and there are many uneven patches, red bumps and the worse problem ever - black heads. I would say I'm pretty blessed because I do not suffer from acne problems and severe breakouts during the period of the month, but I do have very bad blackhead problems and combined skin (oily t-zone and dry cheek areas). 

So below is a "before" photo. 
You can see that there are small red bumps all around my face (skin is pretty sensitive). Focus on the nose area and you can see that the nose is congested with black heads and clogged pores. The most disgusting thing is, if I use my finger to touch my nose, I can actually feel the protruding black heads.  My skin is also filled with many clogged pores (especially cheek areas), so clogged that they look like bumpy dots. 
4 weeks later, you'll notice: 
1. The skin tone is much clearer and evened out 
2. The pores are finer, cleaner and less clogged 
3. The blackheads have tremendously reduced 
4. No more protruding blackheads 
(in fact my nose is smoother)
5. The skin is less congested with clogged pores and blackheads 

Below are more photos: 
You can notice on my cheek areas, the appearance of clogged pores (those tiny protruding dots) has reduced. The skin now looks finer and brighter. It has even lightened the red bumps (pimple scar) on my skin that were all resulted from previous breakouts. 

Another side view of the nose: 
I hope you can see that the number of blackheads has really reduced. This is considering I did not use any method/pore strips to manually extract the blackheads. So what this proves is that the DRx products, in particular Comedone Formula, really dissolves the blackheads and lessens their appearance. The sides of my nose bridge in particular, have lesser clogged pores and black heads now. 

Here's a final recap of my skin condition, especially the black heads!
I really felt that the blackheads have diminished by a whopping 50% at least. Just look at the photos side by side and see it yourself. I am still diligently using the products to see how the condition will be like another 4 weeks later when I go back for my third consultation. 

Alright! I hope I didn't scare you with all the photos. But even if I did, you just have to know that my skin has improved so much that I am no longer plagued with the problems shown in the above photos ^-^ Not everyone has flawless skin and if we don't, we should do something to it! I can't wait to continue my DRx skincare regime. My doctor, Dr Yanni, has added a few more products on top of my current regime after the second consultation with her. I told her some of the problems I faced after using the DRx products, so she added some products to solve the problems. 

What kind of issues will I face especially when I see such a great improvement on my skin? 
What products did Dr Yanni added on to my current regime to ensure better results? 

Stay tuned for my 3rd DRx journey post.
I will be explaining about the products I've used on my next post as well. 

You can follow my facebook page to receive immediate updates when I've posted the third DRx journey post! :)

Leave a comment if you have any questions, and I will be glad to answer them :)

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Loving my skin now,
Celine Chiam

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  1. Hey sweetie! Do u have any problems with unsightly visible pores? I went to derma as well but they said they can't do much to effectively reduce the visibility of my pores :( do you wear makeup? May i know what kind of foundation (with good coverage and oil control and matte finish) doesn't emphasize the pores?

    1. Hi dear! I do have some pores but they aren't very serious. Which brings me to another point about the foundation, because most of the bb creams I use are pretty good at covering my pores! (Prolly because they aren't huge to begin with). Here's me personal thoughts:

      1. BB creams or foundation creams can cover better than powdered foundation. So use bb cream, and then followed by some fixing powder to set your bb cream :) you have to touch up with the powders after a few hours because our skin produces oil no matter what!

      2. The reason why the doctors (professionals somemore!) tell you they can't do much with visible pores (my doctor told me the same thing) is because our skin emits oil, and they emit through the pores. It's just a hormone thing and the only way to stop your skin from giving out oil, is to control your hormones imbalance through medication. When my doctor (Dr Yanni!) told me this, I felt that there was no need for medication because my pores are not huge, and they can be easily covered with foundation!

      In fact, my pores were pretty visible in the first place. But after using CF and BF (to control oil production), the pores has reduced and became smaller! I don't expect them to disappear entirely, but being able to reduce is a very very good sign :)

      Hope this helps!! :D


  2. Heyy, just asking how long does a bottle last usually? can it used up to 2 months?

    1. Hi Zaza,

      If you use sparingly, I think it can last more than 2 months.


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