Food review: Sweet Musings brings Taiwan pastries and cakes to Singapore, The Star Vista

On a casual thursday after work, I dropped by the newly opened Star Vista and chanced upon this little Taiwan Confectionery Shop that off...

On a casual thursday after work, I dropped by the newly opened Star Vista and chanced upon this little Taiwan Confectionery Shop that offers a rather wide selection of Taiwan cakes and sweets. I recalled during my recent trip to Taiwan, I brought back many treats and souvenirs for my friends and family because that's probably the most appropriate gift since it's not easy to find them in Singapore. 

But thanks to Sweet Musings, now not only can you find Taiwanese cakes in Singapore, you get to purchase freshly baked ones rather than imported cakes, which would not be as fresh. I was glad to have the owner of Sweet Musings, Miss Erika to explain some of the best sellers at her shop, and actually get down to try them! 

The onion cookie 洋葱饼 (30 Pcs for S$10) was the first that we tried, and also one of my favourite. Frankly, I am not a fan of onion and sometimes the smell of it deters me away. But the onion, along with the sesame seeds that dotted the cookie, has very well enhanced the aroma and ultimately the taste of the cookie; onion taste was not very strong and the whole cookie was crunchy and savoury. 

Egg roll 蛋捲
2 pcs $2, 12pcs $12, 24pcs $24
I then tried the one a shelf level below the onion cookie - Egg Roll 蛋捲, which has a hint of Earl Grey Tea essence in it. What's more, it comes in an extremely adorable packaging and is the best to present it as a gift to friends or relatives. 

I love the packaging too! 

Something that caught my attention was the Egg pudding 雞蛋布丁 (5 Pcs S$12). Just like how the name suggests, the egg pudding was actually placed in real egg shells that they have meticulously prepared. We know how egg shells are really fragile, so this is surely something special. To emphasize the uniqueness, the egg puddings actually contain natural vanilla seeds that can nourish your skin.

Unlike the usual Sun Cake 太陽餅Sweet Musings uses white maltose and honey as an alternative to the usual brown sugar. Sun cakes can range from hard ones to those that melts in your mouth. I would say the one here at sweet musings were just right in the middle standard, not too tough and not too doughy.

鳳梨酥 Pineapple tart/cake 

When it comes to Pineapple tarts, many people have their own taste preferences regarding a good pineapple tart. Some prefer sweeter fillings while some prefer the original sour pineapple tarts, or even with real fruit bits in it. I belong to the latter group where I prefer the fillings to be citrusy and chewy; and I finally found them here at Sweet musings. 

There are many other premium selections at Sweet Musings as well, and you are free to try out the samples before you do the purchase. 

3Q cakes with red bean paste in it. 

Taiwanese Macaron! I didn't get to try it though. 

牛軋糖 Nougat in assorted flavors 
Almond Crisps, a clear plastic box at $10 

Bull Tongue Biscuit, with malt sugar coated in the middle. 
I would recommend Bull Tongue Biscuit as a snack because it's only $3 for a pack of 5 pieces. 

The star of the day was none other than the bestseller, Yam Cake roll (S$18). 
It's actually yam flavoured cake wrapping yam mousse. 
I really adore the packaging for the Yam Cake. 

They gave ice packs as well 

My mum loves yam so I decided to bag one yam cake roll back, and I found out it was the very last piece! This batch was baked a day before and sold out the next day already. Erika (owner) explained that when the cakes nears the expiry date (3-4days), they will go on discount so that their cakes don't go to waste. The most important takeaway is that they do not shelf their cakes for too long to retain the freshness. 

The special point about Sweet Musings is the fact that they produce the delicacies on the spot, instead of importing them in. 

And they have custom-made the mask and uniform for their staff! 

The best thing is, they have gorgeous packagings for gift purposes. 

The star vista mall #02-05
Singapore 138617
11:00 am - 10:00 am

Taiwanese pastries lover, 


[Invited food tasting by Streetdirectory and SweetMusings] 

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  1. I love to have cakes and pastries and these Taiwan pastries and cakes are awesome.
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  2. The cakes and pastries are looking so tasty.Its good idea to gift these lovely cakes on birthdays.


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