KOH Lamp [product review]

Do you find the above photos really attractive and extraordinary?  What's with all this water jelly cans that comes in so...

Do you find the above photos really attractive and extraordinary? 
What's with all this water jelly cans that comes in so many colours? 

KŌH Concepts has recently launched their new home design product - the KŌH Lamp. The colours are the first thing that attracted me. With the warm glow and unique design, it is great to add an edge to your workplace or even your home. As shown in the photo, the KŌH Lamp comes in eight eye-catching colours. 

I was glad to receive one  the KŌH Lamp to give it a try as well as review on it. Here are the items in the box! 

The instruction menu is really easy to follow. There are no words but only diagrams, so no excuse to say the lamp is hard to set up! 

Why this design? 

The Designer and CEO of KŌH Concepts,  Cristophe d'Orey, recollected his trip to a village in Africa, where he witnessed villagers gathering around the campfire. To replace the campfire, the villagers would place light bulbs inside coloured canisters to create vibrant lightning. All in all, this is a design to remind every one of us that a simple basic item could translate into a source of light that could transform atmospheres and and remind people about the importance of interdependence even in our busy and modern lifestyles.

I personally like how the lamp gives a very warmth and soothing feeling when it lit up the dark room very nicely. It can be tucked in a corner to create the mysterious yet comforting feel as you fall into sleep on your bed. 

And what's better than a light, portable and unique jelly can as a lamp? It weighs only 1.7kg and it felt really light to me. I can honestly hold it with my pinky finger :P

Some other photos from KŌH Lamp.


Packaging Dimensions : 31cmX26cmX48cm
Weight: 1.7kg (2.4kg with packaging)
CFL Light Bulbs of 7W and 13W.

HDPE Lamp tank

About KŌH Concepts

Founded in 2012, KŌH Concepts is a small dynamic Hong Kong company specializing in the design and manufacturing of home living products. KŌH Concepts aims to build on a famous saying from English poet John Donne: “No man is an island entire of itself”. To that end, KŌH Concepts and KŌH Lamp take their names from the Asian word for “Island”. The KŌH Lamps, or “Islands of Light”, reflect the intrinsic human nature of ‘interKŌHnnectedness’. That is although each projecting a different and unique light in our lives, we reverberate in each other and together create the world we live in.

If interested, you may visit their website for more details.

Thank you KŌH Concepts for the amazing product! I am loving it so much. 

Celine Chiam


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