5 street food to eat in Bangkok

If the above title directed you here from the google search, you must be/or at least thinking about heading to bangkok for a holiday. If so...

If the above title directed you here from the google search, you must be/or at least thinking about heading to bangkok for a holiday. If so, that's superb because Bangkok has so many good food, especially street food that no one can ever miss them. They are cheap, authentic, local and most importantly, delicious!

So here's a short and quick 5 street food to eat in Bangkok.

1. Coconut ice cream. 

Pardon me. You must be thinking this does not appear anywhere in bangkok streets. You are right in some sense, because coconut ice cream is usually found in Chatuchak, Bangkok's famous weekend market. Basically, Chatuchak is a shopping paradise because the items are much much cheaper than any shopping malls in Bangkok. 

Back to the street food, coconut ice cream is a dessert that one must never miss. At only 30baht (~sgd1.20) a small cup of ice cream, you get to choose 2 different toppings ranging from chocolate sprinkles, corns to aloe vera, there's quite a large variety. Besides the extra toppings, the most fascinating thing about this humble S$1.20 ice cream is the way it's presented. A scoop of coconut flavoured ice cream is placed in a real coconut shell, with real coconut flesh within. You will also be served with a cup of real coconut juice for you to drink after eating the ice cream. 

Coconut flesh!
 Oh yes, just another tip while you shop at chatuchak. 
Make sure you wear very casually and lightly because the weather there is pure madness. Here i'm holding on to a glass bottle of orange fizz at only 20 baht! (S$0.80)

2. Grilled seafood (particularly squid)
This was 100baht I think.
 I would usually order grilled squid in smaller pieces as shown in the photo below. They cost only 20baht a stick! What a steal. If not because of the toxic in squid, I will really eat as much as I can. But please do not do that because squid are really toxic in nature. There was this time I've been eating tom yum soup every meal for a few days and I got an allergy (which I've never had before) and a slightly swollen eye on the last day of my previous thailand trip, and I was very lucky because that was the day I'm returning to Singapore, and I immediately went to consult a doctor when I'm back in SG. Meanwhile, continue drinking lots of water and it did help to reduce the swell on my eye.

Usually they will grill the squid on the spot upon order, sounds so much like make to order haha! 
And if you like, they will put them in a bag of their thailand special sauce that is both sweet and sour. 

There are many streets that you can find locals selling grilled seafood. Here's an example of a pushcart selling different kinds of seafood! The huge squid(on the right) is only 150baht! That's like S$6 for such a huge piece!? 

3. Sausage pancake (salty)

Sausage pancake was another favourite breakfast I love to have especially when I haven't had breakfast. This cost only 20baht (S$0.80) and I love it! The pancake is usually crispy because they are done on the spot too. A few drips of soysauce are used to enhance the taste of the pancake. 

 3. Coconut pancake (sweet)
Yes, this is an extremely huge piece, I can't really remember the price but it should be 100baht (S$4).
Topped with real coconut flesh and sprinkled with sugar, this was really a sweet indulgence. 

This is another variation from another push cart I saw along other streets. A smaller piece will be 20baht only. They have different flavours as well, but I still prefer the coconut flesh. 

Other flavours inclue raisins, kaya, peanut butter, chocolate etc. 

For this, I included raisins, sugar and coconut flesh! It was really nice and sweet. 

Thailand vendors are really friendly. I merely wanted to snap a photo of him preparing our pancake but he offered me to do it myself! ^_^

4. Tom Yum Soup

Tom yum soup as street food? I could just find it in the restaurants? 
No you're wrong. Even though dishes in thailand restaurants are cheap enough, tom yum soup along the streets could be cheaper! This bowl filled to the brim with authentic tom yum soup and seafood ingredients, cost me only 100 baht (S$4). Crazy enough?

This was near my hotel Citin Pratunam. In fact, the street right outside has many street food and there's no need to visit a thai restaurant. The street food made settling of breakfast easy!

5. Spicy Vermicelli salad (woon-sen)

The thailand vermicelli is my favorite among the list. 
It comes in subtle spicy soup and topped with vegetables and different ingredients, depending on different pushcarts. My favourite topping still has to go to squids. This costs only 100 baht (S$2)! 

So I hope this post comes in handy and never be afraid to try out the different street food in bangkok. Even if you don't like it, at least you had an experience you'll never find in Singapore. 

Ending this post with a photo of me at chatuchak. 
Still wondering if I should blog about my 5 days trip in Bangkok. If anyone wants to read about it, let me know by leaving a comment ok? :)

Hui Yan  

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  1. I want to read your Bangkok trip :)
    The street foods were so special especially sausage pancake.

    1. Hehe thank you! But I think I should post about my recent taiwan trip while they are still fresh in my mind! :D stay tuned!

  2. Shouldn't read this post at this hour. Super hungry now! Hahaha.

  3. wahhh so yummy! And this post is so useful cause I'm planning to go bkk soon also :D

  4. Hihi! I'm gonna be going to BKK this coming Sep! And I saw your post about the delicious squid! Can you rmb the place where they sell the squids and seafood? :D Thanks alot !

    1. Heyy Brandon!
      The squid is indeed the best street food there. I am going again this August!

      They are usually found near my hotel area or outside chatuchak. My hotel area is in pratunam! :)

  5. If you visit BKK next time I recommend you try Sweet sticky rice with ripe mango , Som -tam , Stir- fried ground pork with basil (Pad - ga - prao- moo)

    1. Wow what's som tam?
      Of course I didn't miss out the mango sticky rice!! :))

    2. probably have googled it, but anyway... som tam is their papaya salad :)

    3. Ah of course I would try that! In fact you're making me miss all the thai food now :(

    4. Aha nice to see someone with the same passion for food! Then u should make a trip there again soon, looking at your post, I'm sure there's much more for you to hunt down. I will be there travelling between Dec to Jan for 11 days. Pretty excited, gonna explore and probably share some new findings with u!

  6. Hey, could u tell me where did you get the sausage pancake and sweet coconut pancake? Thanks

    1. Hi Yurri!

      These stalls do not have a fixed location because they go around everywhere to station and start selling their stuff :/ So I can't give you a definite answer, sorry!

  7. Thanks for the good read on bkk food. Going on NYE.

  8. Thanks for the article. Going tomorrow for the first time.

  9. So glad I found your blog Celine!
    I´m going to Thailand (for the second time) in March and I can´t wait! Going through all your Bangkok posts as I want to experience even more than the last time I was there!! :) Thanks for sharing, and lovely pictures :-)) xxoo

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