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Hello friends!  Today I'm gonna bring you a snack that I'm sure many of us would love!  CocoaB  Extracted from the...

Hello friends! 

Today I'm gonna bring you a snack that I'm sure many of us would love! 


Extracted from their website:

Ordering is really simple! 

Choose up to 5 toppings you would want, no restrictions of which toppings you want at all. 
After which, you're ready to go and check out! :)

You can also choose from their Cocoa B's creations if you think you want something quick and easy!

Thanks to CocoaB, I was given two chocolate of my choice and to let you readers to know about more than one variety, I picked milk chocolate and white chocolate respectively. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate so yup! 

For the milk chocolate, here's my toppings! 

Sweet and Decor:
Gummi Bears
Jelly Beans
Sprinkles (rice)

I feel so happy just by looking at this bar of chocolate. It's so colourful ^.^

The gummi bear was my favorite because I can be still chewing on the gummi bear while the chocolate base melt its way in my mouth. The jelly bean was another surprise each time I took a bite because same as the gummi bear, it gives extra texture to the soft chocolate. What's more, the jelly beans come in assorted flavors so you wouldn't know what exact flavor you'll get until you receive it! 

As for the while chocolate, I had these toppings: 

Nutty and seeds:
Wasabi Nuts
Macadamia Nuts 

Pretty exotic and it deviates quite a lot from the previous one isn't it? ;)

This is exactly what CocoaB can bring you. A large variety to toppings you usually find PLUS those that you wouldn't even expect to have! 

The reason why I got myself these toppings is because I wanted to try if chocolates go well with these crazy nut toppings. Ended up it turn out pretty well!  I kind of like the wasabi nuts pretty much too. 

Now you may be wondering, chocolates kick starting from $7.50, isn't it a little expensive? 

Not really! At this reasonable price, you get to customize them and get the chocolates delivered to your doorstep. I would say it'll be a really good gift to your friends/family or love ones since you'll be to add on (edible) badges onto your chocolates too. 


From today till 14th April, quote: "CocoaBXHuiYan" when you check out and you'll enjoy 10% discount! I'm heading over to get my third bar of chocolate now, so you shouldn't wait any longer too! This promotion doesn't happen every time ;)

Hui Yan- 

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