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Hey hey heyyy people!  I am back with another gastronomical food trail held by  Bugis Junction  and  omy.sg ! Read my previous food tra...

Hey hey heyyy people! 
I am back with another gastronomical food trail held by Bugis Junction and omy.sg!
Read my previous food trail here:
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This time, I've learnt to be smarter and not eat too much at the first station, so that I still have space for the rest of the food stops! But honestly, the food are really so good and I wish my stomach could accommodate moreeee food! 

Alright enough of blabbering, the first stop of the food trail is...

New at Bugis Junction, EWF is located on the 4th floor of bugis junction, which is very accessible. 

Earl grey tea $3.50
 I didn't really tried this because I'm not a fan of EGT. 
Earl grey tea $3.50
Comes with very cute sugar cubes! 

And thus, I ordered this:
Strawberry MilkShake $5.90 
Not something I would really come again for next time. The milk shake taste like melted strawberry ice cream. In other words, too thick. The milk was too overwhelming.

EWF's (Everything with Fries) one special and popular dish that they are proud of, is none other than "The One Egg Soup".

The One Egg Soup  $6.90
By the way, is my egg drawing cute? HAHA. My failed attempt of drawing the egg using brushes. 

Ok serious stuff. This soup is one hell of a special soup I've encountered. Being emphasized so much by the store manager than this soup is only made from an egg, everyone just couldn't wait to try it. And as soon as I tried it, I fell in love with it! Though made from an egg, it doesn't really taste too much of an egg. The soup is more like a creamy soup with the fried egg white sprinkled on it.Really good, I would say give this a try, since it's only at $6.90! 

 The fried egg white really gave the soup an extra oomph texture. 

Skinny Wings $6.80 
Crispy and spicy, but definitely bearable spiciness. 
It's called skinny for a reason because it's almost half of a normal chicken wing, which is good for sharing with friends and not making you too full for your main course at EWF. 

Sorry I can't wait already. 

 So the mains are here! 
Char-Grilled Char Siew $15.90
 Just take a look at this good piece of Char Siew. Doesn't it make your mouth water?! 
Having a small piece of it, the meat was indeed fragrant and tasty, with very minimal layer of fats - which is good and healthier. But one downside of it is that the meat was a little too hard for me, but I'm sure meat-lovers will never mind this! ;)

Char-Grilled Char Siew $15.90
Wild NZ King Salmon $18.90
 Probably the most expensive main dish at EWF (below $20!!), and definitely the best in my opinion. 
Pan-fried with crispy crumbs on top of the King Salmon, I must say this is the best and most tender cooked salmon I've ever tried. 

Wild NZ King Salmon $18.90
Soft, is honestly the best adjective to describe the salmon meat. It doesn't taste too bland either! What's best about this is that EWF uses premium king salmon for this dish. Who say's good food can't be cheap? 

Wild NZ King Salmon $18.90 
Char-grilled Beef Karubi $21.90
Delicately drizzled with beef mushroom sauce over the boneless US prime beef short-ribs, the presentation of the dish has already won me over. Since it's boneless, dining should be easy and tidy. As for the beef itself, it surprises me because this time, it isn't too tough! In fact, I like it to be a little medium rare.

Char-grilled Beef Karubi $21.90

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich $11.90 
 I didn't try this because I've reviewed this before here

Grilled Pork Chop $13.90
 Another dish with luscious pork chop, grilled to an almost perfect point so that the meat isn't too ripe. That's quite a huge piece of pork chop by the way. It comes with homemade miso sauce as well. 

Grilled Pork Chop $13.90

Steak Tulang $25.90
 280g Ribeye Steak in a pool of red wine steak sauce, with creamy sauteed mushroom and tulang (beef bone marrow), was one dish that I was greatly looking forward to when they said it'll be served. It's not in the menu because it's seasonal, so make sure you try it before it's gone. 

If I really have to do a review on this, my favourite part of the dish is still the ribeye steak. Certainly not a fan of the bone marrow so I didn't like it. The sauteed mushroom was on another hand really good and fresh. Albeit all this, the star of this dish still taste the best based of high quality and its aromatic wine sauce. 

EWF is also well-knowed for their dessert. I may drop by and try it next time! :)

Bugis Junction 
200 Victoria Street #04-05
Singapore 188021
Tel: 63380135

Daily: 11am - 10pm
Fri-Sat /Eve of PH: 12pm-10.30pm

As you all know, this is only the first stop of all 10stops in the food trail. You can follow me on   or   to receive immediate updates when I've blogged about it! :)

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