BugisJunction Food trail 6 - Last stop!

Ooh finally the last stop!  Here we have Hong Guo as one of our last few stops.  They spec...

Ooh finally the last stop! 
Here we have Hong Guo as one of our last few stops. 
They specialise mainly in noodles and chinese cuisine. 

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 状元过桥米线 Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian $8.80

How this dish works is you have to include all the ingredients in yourself. Which gives your the freedom to choose what to dump into the soup! The soup was really good. It taste like chicken broth boiled for a pretty long period. 

 状元过桥米线 Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian $8.80

四川辣子鸡 Sze Chuan Chicken in Basket $7.50

This is a little spicier than what an average person could tolerate. As seen from the photo, the chicken chunks are stir-fried with dried chili, some nuts and cucumber, bringing you a variety of crunchiness in one dish. 
XO fried seafood noodle $8.80 

The noodles brings out quite a strong fragrance of XO and dark soy sauce, neither too dry nor moist. There were plenty amount of seafood ingredients within this plate of noodles as well. 

Hong Guo also serves quite a number of exotic and unique drinks like the following that we've ordered: 

I ordered something quite exotic too, since I've always been ordering those usual stuff. 

Honey Lemon Salty Plum Freeze
My drink has a tint of salty plum taste. Not sure why it's a little orangy but it taste really great and refreshing. 

Finally marking an end to my second food trail! 

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Hope you liked all the reviews! I spent quite an amount of time on editing the photos and typing out the reviews, though they are definitely not the best. Do follow me on instagram and twitter to receive immediate updates of what I'm doing apart from blogging... and eating! :) 

Hui Yan

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