BugisJunction Food trail 5 - Fish n Co

Read my previous stops:  1.  Everything with Fries  2.  Platypus Kitchen  3.  Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant 4.  NYDC and Ka...

Read my previous stops: 

The fifth stop of the food trail was another favourite of mine, which is why I dedicate a full post for it. 

Their menu is pretty cute because it imitates a hard cover magazine/book. 
Extensive menu here

This is the marketing manager (left, in black) before she explains to her the different dishes we'll be trying. 

Mussels spicy marinara sauce, $11.95
From web: award-winning blue mussels with homemade zesty spicy marinara sauce. 
Spicy mussel in a tomato-base.  It doesnt belong to those mussels that are too tough. 

It's served with warm bread as well. I would say the sauce is tasty because of the zesty sensation, so dipping the warm bread into the sauce is flavourful enough. 

NEW: Clams with Curry Butter 
Despite being served in a creamy curry base, the sea clam has a tint of spice within the sauce. It is another award-winning dish! Served with warm bread as well. I personally like this cos I've always been a seafood lover ^^

Soft Shell Crab with Green Salad 

Bombay Fish n Chips
Don't ever be fooled by this. The fish was entirely coated with several spices; take a bite and you'll immediately know the difference. It comes with an Indian herbs-and-spicy twist, so make sure you eat it with the skin! The fish itself is really fresh and tender too. 

Shrimp n Clam Agio Olio 
I like how the way the spaghetti is semi-dry coated with olive oil. It brings a little spiciness out of it and the texture of the spaghetti isn't too moist nor too dry. A very good balance between the two, which qualifies itself to be my favourite, even though I'm not a fan of Agio! 

Grilled fish with peri-peri prawns
Disclaimer: Can't find this in the menu, I do not exclude the possibility that it's prepared for the food-tasting. 

The king prawn in the seafood platter is definitely the star of the platter,  just like how it dominates in the platter. This prawn meat taste as juicy as how it looks like in the photo! It was very easily peeled off from the shells too. 

NEW: Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Scallops 
First of all, the chicken with scallop taste best when complimented with the in-house chicken sauce. The scallops, drizzled with mozzarella cheese, gave it an extra chewy texture on top of the tomato sauce. Some of them claims that the mashed potato is soft and melts in the mouth almost immediately. I kind of agree too.

Black pepper chicken baked rice 
Sorry... I dislike black pepper so I believe I'm not in a good fit to comment about this. 

Here's the seasonal menu! 
And OF COURSE we got to try the new menu! 

Here comes! 
Grilled white fish with ebiko $16.95

Can I say this price is insane?! 
The new grilled white fish with ebiko is really the best hands down!! I honestly would pay $20 and over for this, because the fish really looks huge here. They taste really good and tender when it's served hot. The ebiko and mozarella cheese melt their way on top of the hot sizzling white fish as well. 

Honestly the best dish among the rest. And it's seasonal, won't be here for long!

So are you hungry already? At least I am... crafting this food post in the midnight, I'm famished! 
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Hope you liked this review! 

Hui Yan- 

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