BugisJunction Food trail 4 - NYDC & Kazokutei

Hello! I'm back with the 4th + 5th stops!  Read my previous stops:  1.  Everything with Fries  2.  Platypus Kitchen  3...

Hello! I'm back with the 4th + 5th stops! 

Read my previous stops: 

This time, let us satisfy your other stomach - the one that is always ready for desserts, 

with... NYDC! 

Introducing the pretty female marketing manager at NYDC, bringing us the first dessert of the day - Boo boo. 

Boo Boo
$6.80 per slice
$62 whole cake 
Extremely soft with layers of chocolate moose. Any amount of it is still never enough to make me sick of it. I actually requested for another slide! Hahahah. 

NOT REAL SIZE of a slice. This is only for food-tasting purpose because we had to try a lot. 
Now this is the real size. 

Gold Mine Cheesecake
$7.20 per slice
$68 whole cake 
Having tried a lot of cheesecakes before, I find that there's room for improvement for this. Apart from the crust being a little too dry and hard, the cheesecake itself was really dense enough, justifying its price. 

Gold Mine Cheesecake
$7.20 per slice (real size)

Jedi Mudster Mudpie
$11.80 per slice 
Comes with double chocolate chips and macadamia nuts (my fav!!), this is one mudpie that caught everyone's tummy. For a more refreshing and cooling dessert, perhaps opt for this, especially chocolate lovers! 

3-some mudpie
$11.80 per slice 
Almost similar to Jedi Mudster, this 3-some mudpie is named after the three different types of ice cream used. They are: strawberry, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate chips cookie dough ice cream. 
Hey, stop eyeing for that strawberry. It's mine. 

Some of the promotions that they have. 

Isn't the marketing manager pretty? 

Here's an incentive for you to patron nydc, which I think there's totally no need for incentive because the desserts themselves are good enough temptations! 

Promotion: Get 50% off the second main course. 
Ends 20 April 2013. 


Tel: 6333 3161
Address: Bugis Junction, 200
 Victoria Street #02-47/48 S(188021)  


And off we go to the next station, 


At this humble Osaka Handmade Udon Shop, the udon and noodles use imported flour from Kazokutei.

An extensive array of dishes for you to choose
We were given small samples because we were running around too many places. So here goes! 
Under comparison, I honestly prefer the udon, although both were handmade using the premium flour. Kazokutei do not advocate importing frozen noodles, so be ready to enjoy chewy and bouncy noodles. 

Mix Zaru and Mix Tempura set $12.90
Shokado Wazen set $16.90
As for the sushi, they seems to be made from premium japanese rice as I took a bite. I like the thin slice of salmon wrapping around a ball of sushi rice, looking aesthetically pleasant. 

Tel: 6338 0187
Address: Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street
#02-49, Singapore 188021 


Hope  you've enjoyed the review! 
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