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We've always heard people saying "you can't just do normal abs exercise, you had to do cardio!"  So now what, wh...

We've always heard people saying "you can't just do normal abs exercise, you had to do cardio!" 

So now what, what is CARDIO to be exact? 

My perception of cardio is to get on to do exercise that moves your body as a whole, and not a specific exercise that trains a certain part of the body only (e.g., ab crunch which trains the abdomen muscles). 

Here's a wikipedia answer for you: 
Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process

A very simple example of cardio can't escape the word "running". But many friends of mine hate running, especially ladies. 

So, how can you actually substitute running with other things else? ;) 


That's right, something other than running! 

Fancy a ZUMBA dance instead? 

Courtesy to the Community Games 2013, I was kindly invited to try out one session of ZUMBA at Physical ABuse. 

2 Havelock Road 2HR #01-28/29
Singapore 059763
Tel: 65 6536 5580

For a person who hasn't tried ZUMBA or any sorts of indoors aerobics exercise, you cannot imagine how excited I was, but at the same time unsure whether I'll enjoy myself. 

But luckily, I did! 

Like I've said, I've never really tried such things before so I do not have the appropriate attire for it. So shall make do with this! And there isn't a specific attire for ZUMBA either. Just grab a pair of trainers/sport shoes, sports attire and you're ready to go! 

We had a 1.5 hours of non-stop zumba dance and boy was it tiring! There wasn't even a chance to drink up. But I'm pretty sure it's the non-stop dancing and exercising that really get your body working out. Do you know that the harder you find the exercise, the more fats you're actually burning? Meaning, the more your body is used to a certain exercise for a long period of time, the lesser fats it burns because your body is simply accustomed to it. 

Image credits: #CGSG13

Image credits: #CGSG13

So here I am, with an extremely red face after a long workout. My face gets very red every time after running. Don't laugh. 

With Cookie! :)

Honestly, having tried once, I can say I love ZUMBA! Though for the first time, it get's really tiring and sometimes you can't catch up with the beat and steps, it's really your perseverance and determination to keep a fit body. It also doesn't mean it's meant for fit people only! You can start off with doing very simple steps, or mild steps. For example, start off with very small steps rather than big steps. From there, things will get better. 

With the other bloggers having a debrief done by Calvin. 

A group photo with all the bloggers! :)

Having taking a look around Physical ABuse, I found that they have pretty good facilities as well! A very nice and cosy gym area to work out, with professional trainers with you if you require. 

Oops a little blur. All photos taken using my phone that's why. 
This place is spacious, isn't it? 

The changing room was rather well-equipped too, with hairdryers readily available and shower gels in the shower rooms! 

One photo with my fellow lady bloggers before we wash up!
Joey, Cookie, me and Tiffany

And one last one with Tiffany, who....

was featured on Community Sports Club's FB cover photo! You'll see me too!! :P

To conclude, I would like to do a shout out to everyone reading this that, Community Games 2013 will officially begin on the 16th of March!! If you haven't sign up, what are you waiting for? It's an opportunity to get all hyped up with your friends and compete (friendly) in many types of sports! Stop being lazy and get your butt out of your house, it's time to get fit. 

Here's some of the rules and regulation.

More details from their website

The Community Games 2013 (CG 2013) is a multi-sports competition held across the island, bringing the Games to the heart of the community and connecting residents of different ages, races and living across estates. 
CG 2013 is organised by the People’s Association and Community Sports Clubs, with support from the National Sports Associations of the sports to be featured. The sports featured under CG 2013 are Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Dragon Boat, Football, Netball, Road Run and Sepaktakraw, Swimming and Table Tennis.  CG2013 will be taking place from March to June at various facilities across Singapore.



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