OMY & BugisPlus Food Trail! Part 4

Our... (I've lost count!!) next stop for the OMY BugisPlus foodtrail was just right next to Manhanttan Fish Market, and it's...  ...

Our... (I've lost count!!) next stop for the OMY BugisPlus foodtrail was just right next to Manhanttan Fish Market, and it's... 

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If you've been reading my blog, I've been to quite a number to Korean Cuisine restaurants and I more or less know what's good and whats.. meh

Judging from the crowd, you should know it's pretty popular. 

And personally, I love korean cuisine for the sour-spicy sensation from all the kimchi soup and lip-smacking meat! 

Before all the food was served, I was greeted (as usual), the korean side dishes! I guess it's really the norm for korean restaurants to serve that. But that is restaurants who don't do this, so don't take it for granted, give them all a try, even if you don't like it. After all, food is all about trying something new and exciting! 

The first dish that was served was none other than 
Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup
Half chicken $15.90
Full chicken $24.90 
If you ask me about this, I'll probably tell you " Give me a minute, let me finish this soup first. " 
Haha! That's cause the soup is really authentic and non-diluted. Certain ginseng soup can taste really diluted because of the amount of ginseng and chicken placed in the broth while boiling it. Here, do not worry of diluted chicken soup because other than the main ingredients like chicken and ginseng, there's more to it in this soup! Give it a try, honestly! 

Braised Pork Belly with KimChi

Braised pork belly, I've tried it almost every where. But usually, I has it raw and I have to barbecue it. Right here, the pork belly is already braised and ready to eat, saves you the trouble! 
Braised Pork Belly with KimChi

Another great thing about it is the thinly sliced thickness, with minimal layer of fats, so it isn't as oily like how pork belly usually would be. Who prefer more fats than meat? Obviously no. 

Spicy Rice Cake
Feeling hungry, craving for something sour and spicy? 
Here's the perfect side dish for you. The spicy rice cake was reallllyyyy spicy, and I meant it! Usually rick cakes at other restaurants don't taste so spicy, so I love the challenge presented to me in this dish. Bring it on! 

Army's stew with assorted meat
Ala carte $36.90 
For such a price, you get an enormous bowl of army's stew, how great is that? Looking at the presentation of the food was good enough to appetite me a lot. On top of that, the soup tasted thick with all the spices in it. 

Other than assorted meat, they have it in assorted seafood too! Personally, I'm a seafood lover so you'll know what I will go for. But since you can always order pork belly and pork loin as a side, perhaps seafood army's stew is better? #Justsaying 
Army's stew with assorted seafood
Ala carte $36.90 

KimChi Pancake
Maybe another side dish for you which reminds you of kimchi? ;)

Current promotion 
Set meal for two @49.90++ including:
* two Korean roasted barley tea
* one choice of army's stew
* assorted popular side dishes
* two multi-grains rice
* one choice of appetiser
* one choice of dessert

I honestly think this current promotion is really good and affordable. Korean cuisine can cost up to a bomd if you come in a smaller group (perhaps 2 persons), and since there's only 2 persons, the variety you could choose is really little, if not it will cost a bomb. As such, I will really bring my friends back again. 

Drop by Seoul Yummy for some affordable and yummy korean food! 

Thanks OMY and bugisplus for the foodtrail ;) 

Next up...
The most anticipated food station ever

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