OMY & BugisPlus Food Trail! Part 2

Hello hello everyone!  Finally part 2 is here! But before you read this post, perhaps you want to read how the food trail started? :)...

Hello hello everyone! 

Finally part 2 is here! But before you read this post, perhaps you want to read how the food trail started? :)

The third stop is just right next to Laksania, on the 4th level of BugisPlus. 

The moment I stepped in, the table which was set properly for us was the first thing I spot. Utensils are well-presented, and everything was there! Talk about quality service. 

Difference between C-jade HK cafe and other crystal jades!

1. Obviously, C-jade cafe has the word 'HK'. 
2. Which brings me to the second point, C-jade cafe is highly related to Hong kong's Cha Chan Teng*. 
3. Which also brings me to the third point, it is not your usual fine dining Crystal Jade restaurant where the prices are a little steep. Here, be ready to eat a feast at affordable prices! 

*Cha Chan Teng (CCT) is actually eateries catered to HK people with very busy schedules, such that they want varieties, yet they want them to be served fast as well. 

C-jade HK cafe aims to bring a fusion of CCT's flair and Singapore's youth lifestyles to their dishes. 

Alright enough of details! I hope I didn't bore you too much. 

The very first dish (or rather, drink) that caught our attention and made us go "WOWWW" has got to be this, hands down. 

Chilled HK Milk Tea
This milktea ain't something you can easily find elsewhere. It did make a dramatic entrance with a small little hole allowing the dry ice flow in a nice and elegant way. I find the sweetness just right, not too sweet not too bland. 

Honestly, I think the best thing about this is the way it's presented. Normal milk tea is plainly and dully presented in a metal cut with many ice in it. For this, a nicely shaped bottle is presented and you will be able to pour it into a small shot cup to drink. You'll never find your milk tea being too chilled by too much ice anymore! :)

Chilled HK Milk Tea

What was served next is none other than one of their popular dish, 
Crispy Macau Pork Chop Bun
I really love the meat patty humbly hidden underneath the two crispy bun. By the name crispy bun, it doesn't indicate that the whole bun is crispy! It's pretty soft inside. That lip-smacking meat patty is something that I'll come back for, because it's truly juicy. 

As you cut open the burger, you'll see the tender meat coupled with fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber. 
PS: They are very generous at it. 

那些年小食 - 香港苏打饼
Old time HK biscuit
$2 (3pieces)

Okay tell you what, if I'm coming back here, I am so going to get this. 
Reason being, it's only $2 for 3 pieces, that's cheap! I know it's just crackers, why I am crazy over it? 
What's unique about this appetizer is the malt sugar sandwiched by the crackers. It reminds me of the good old times for young little kids (like me 10 years back ago!). 

Corned beef & cheese toast

Yum yum yum~ 
If you are a beef lover, I believe you'll like this too! Not giving out a very strong beef taste, this is none other than a good appetizer/starter to begin with!

With the salted beef smacked at the bottom of the toast, and a fine add-on of cheese on the tip, it pretty much gave me a perfect combination of a cheesy and salty taste. 

These are only SOME of the delicious food served to us! (It's not just all this!!!) I'm getting hungry now.

Deep-fried Spring Chicken with Fries & Lemongrass
$8.80 half, $16.80 whole

This is definitely another dish that amazed me a lot. Though I didn't really quite taste the lemongrass, but I must say the chicken was really fragrant. Crispy on the outside yet extremely soft and tender on the inside, this spring chicken was a must-try. The best part is, it's not oily at all! You don't expect drips of oil flowing out of the chicken. 

Deep-fried Spring Chicken with Fries & Lemongrass
$8.80 half, $16.80 whole

Hong Kong Cart Noodle
$4 ++ (choice of adding optional side dish)

The chinese name of this caused me to gave out a slight chuckle. Direct translation means "Hong Kong's legendary cart noodle" ! That's so cute. 

Okay jokes aside, their cart noodle is only $4, consisting puff bean curd, half an egg and vegetables. If you would like to add sausages, fishballs and more sides, it's about 80cents to $1.80! Still, $4 for a bowl is almost like hawker center prices, except you're having it in crystal jade! 

Thank you Samantha for the invite and the wonderful food! 

Moving on, we headed over to RockU Yakiniku Japanese Charcoal Grill , which is right next to Crystal Jade HK IN! 

Some photos before tucking into the food again!! 

As you step into ROCKU, the interior design must be the first thing you'll notice. 

Unlike your usual Japanese BBQ with mundane interior design, ROCKU is significantly larger in size, and more thoughtful in designing the place to bring a warmer and street-style atmosphere to you. Videos were shined on the walls as the screen, so you can enjoy watching the music videos while eating! There are nice and hip music playing in the background as well. That's how much I like this place before I was even introduced to the food. 

Isn't the design too unique? 
They serve beer too! 

We were given a few (identical) platters to share and by this time, it was our 4th stop. You might be expecting us to not finish the food, but you are wrong! Hahaha. We actually finished the whole platter because it was simply too good! 

The generous amount of meat served in a platter (which is originally meant for 2pax ONLY) 
RockU BBQ prime set
Including: Wagyu Marbled Beef, Kurobuta Pork Belly, Kurobuta Pork Sirloin, US Black Angus Rib Eye, and many more!
PS: Not including all the side dishes on separate plates 

Here's something you should really know: Honestly, I've tried many korean bbqs and this is really something you should go for. I know $68+ may look overwhelming to you. But think about it. If you share the platter among three people (which I think it's still enough for one pax), you're only paying for like $23!!!! For the many varieties served in this platter, you can try almost everything! Other BBQ restaurants offer dishes of meat separately and by the time you want to order the same amount of this platter, it's gonna cost more than a hundred bucks. At least that's where I tried. 

And I can honestly and truthfully vouch that their meat is of good quality and you'll never be disappointed :) 

Scallops with cod roe

Look how excited I was when I see such a huge platter of meat waiting for me to omnomnom it. 

Mentai Prawn with Cod Roe
Here's another excellent side dish given to us! I strongly recommend this if you love prawns, especially fresh ones. 
The scrumptious Mentai prawn was grilled to the perfect stage with the prawns remaining fresh and succulent. Topped with grilled mayonnaise and prestige cod roe, it was certainly a pleasure to my tummy ^^,  A slice of lemon was provided to add a hint of tangy taste to the mentai prawn as well. 

Cameras are the essentials for bloggers! 

The trendy street graffiti design  

And let's say hello to the marketing guy from creativeeateries! They have many restaurants under this company!

If you're interested to have a look at the menu, here you go!
This was the premium set menu we had.  Though it's mentioned for 2pax, I believe it's sufficient for three happy friends!

Some photos while we BBQ-ed the juicy meat! Don't drool!! 

How does this look to you? ;)

Now I'm really getting hungry just by looking the juicy food. 

Did I mention that the grill has the function to suck in the smoke so that it doesn't get too smokey and your top will not be 

In case you are unaware, ROCKU has this promotion that if you're able to finish a cup of beer (of 330ml) within 3 seconds, you'll be able to get a JUG FOR FREE! 
And if you're able to break the record of 2 seconds, you'll get a TOWER for free!

2 seconds is really insane

With some other bloggers. 
Photo credits to! 

You can see we totally enjoyed ourselves here! 
Be sure to make a trip down to ROCKU for some awesome and penny-worth BBQ!! 


Next up! 

Ciao! Stay hungry always!
Hui Yan- 

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