Olivia Ong's Galaxy Wonderland Showcase

To mark the completion of Olivia's song "Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland)", Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global le...

To mark the completion of Olivia's song "Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland)", Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies specially held the Galaxy Wonderland Showcase @ Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa, to share this wonderful piece for the first time in Singapore. 

It happened yesterday night, on the 23rd of March, were you there? :) 

If you're not, fret not because this post will be insanely filled with photos of Olivia singing throughout her concert.

Meanwhile, you might want to listen to her new piece, "Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland)" while reading my post! 

Her inspiration for the song
(extracted from Samsung)

To draw inspiration, Olivia used her GALAXY Note II LTE to capture all the special moments around her, throughout the song-writing journey. She also worked with more than 400 sets of unique inspirations shared by her fans which consisted of a variety of cheerful, fun and positive images shared via the “GALAXY Wonderland” app on Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook page.

A million and billion and trillion thanks to DarrenSim for bringing me along to Olivia Ong's Galaxy Wonderland Showcase, where I got the opportunity to attend the showcase as a media coverage and have the privilege to bring my DSLR in to take photos. 

And that's where you'll be able to enjoy all the photos ahead in this post. 
(I have 200+ photos but I probably won't be uploading everything)

I had a long and tiring day in school before heading to this showcase concert. But thankfully I still came because if not, I would have missed out such a good opportunity to take so many photos from the first row.  

Oh yes, the reason why I'm able to take such a close-up photo is because Darren was nice enough to lend me his lens. 

There was a live broadcast on the screen for all the audience to see. 

You can honestly see Olivia indulging in her own songs.  

Halfway through the showcase, I guess I was really captivated by her melodious voice such that I took a break from taking photos, and just sit down there listen to her sing. That's how dulcet her music and songs are. 

 During each interval as she changes her song, Olivia will share her experience of using the Samsung's GALAXY Note II LTE as she articulate and express her wonderland to the audience. 

Before Olivia starts her song piece, "Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland)", she took some effort to share with us how she came about composing this song with her composer (behind her, in this photo). She mentioned about the fact this type of song isn't the usual genre of music she sings but she managed to compose it anyway, for her fans, friends and family. 

The nature of the song is lively and cheerful, so Olivia kind of bring up the atmosphere a little :)

As we almost reach the end of the showcase concert, Olivia suggested her fans to stand up and sing with her. Her fans and people in front were really spontaneous :)

And if you've noticed, her friends and family were also seated right in front in the first row. I can see they really enjoyed themselves and the way they listen to Olivia just seems different, in a good way. It feels to me that because they know Olivia personally, they could relate to the songs she sang. If you understand what I mean....  

You can always click to enlarge the photos. 

Coming to the end of the concert, she bidded goodbye to the audience

AND as usual.... the encore. 

Oh yes so here's her friends and family. Two of them are mediacorp actresses, see if you can notice. 

These are Darren's two friends whom he brought along to the concert. 

here's a photo of me with 许雅慧. 

Gotta love her purple hair. So edgy and stylish.

And one with Hong Peng from Hplity! My first time meeting him. 

I hope you've enjoyed browsing through the photos!!
And for me, I obviously enjoyed myself throughout the concert. Thank you Darren! :))

Hui Yan- 

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