I made Elmo prettier

Recently, I got these two elmo pouches from one of those push-cart stalls you find in the shopping malls. I got the one of the left at $3, and the one on the right at $4. They are mad cheap deals please. 

I am just like that. I don't like to carry ladies wallet because they are long, bulky and ... just too long. I know it organizes my cards very well and save me the embarrassment whenever I take very long to, for example, find my kopitiam card when I want to pay for my cai fan at kopitiam food court. Fffffuuuu.

But hey! 

That doesn't deter me from using small pouches just yet because I like cute stuff    

This was how the original elmo pouch looks like. The $4 one. 
The most glaring thing that you'll identify is the weirdest eye it has here. I can't stand staring at it because it's plain ugly. 

So I took a piece of black felt material I had at home. You can easily find this in Daiso too! 

I cut two big round circles and here you have it: 

I literally pluck out the smaller eyers and replaced it with the bigger one! 

At first I used the white glue, but it couldn't stick. So I changed to UHU super glue and it pretty much stayed quite strong!

And there you have it! ^_^ 
A much cuter elmo pouch, at least to me. 

And recently... Elmo decided to have some sogurt! 
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Hope you like this tutorial! 


Hui Yan- 

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