Honeymoon dessert review

This will be a very quick review!  I went ahead to have some desserts many weeks back, and sinc...

This will be a very quick review! 

I went ahead to have some desserts many weeks back, and since there were many of us, we ordered quite a large variety of dessert. We headed to..

Honeymoon dessert has a wide range of dessert ranging from hot to cold, so you might be interested to drop by and have some creative dessert! It's also a good replacement over the cliche JI DE CHI. What's best about this is the air-conditioned place with plenty of seats around, good for gathering. 

Mango Pomelo & Sago Grass Jelly with Sweet Soup $5.50
I would say the mango taste really sweet and soft. A bite into it was with ease and the sweetness of the mango came immediately right after. Complemented with the grass jelly, I would give this a thumbs up! Good for cooling effects. 

Double milk almond $5
If you love almond, this is absolutely for you. 
The boiled milk gives a rather long-lasting milky taste in your mouth. If you aren't really a fan of milk, the almond will be there to add on texture and extra nutty taste to the milk! 

 Mango Pomelo & Sago Sweet Soup with Ice-cream $8
Next this was what I have. 
As an avid durian lover, I must say I am impressed with this dish over the one I had at the other dessert store. The quality of the durian is one thing. The fact that they [b]inculcated ice cream into durian sago was mind-blowing. [/b]I just love the combination. 

Baked mashed Taro Sago Pudding 

Lastly, they had the promotion last time and if the amount we spent is above a certain amount of money, we are able to get this for free!
This is also one of the best we had because it was served hot. Piping hot. So as you pick a bite with the teaspoon the provide, you can really taste the thick and concentrated mashed taro. Calling all taro lovers now!! 

Overall, the services provided was awesome. The waitress wad polite, and the dessert are served fast. Good job! 
I will come back again :)

Hui Yan- 
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