[Event] McDonald's new breakfast offerings!

Hello people!  How did you spend your long weekends? :)  Two days back, I was invited to the  McDonald's new breakfast food-tasti...

Hello people! 
How did you spend your long weekends? :) 

Two days back, I was invited to the  McDonald's new breakfast food-tasting session and I brought that some cute stuff! 


McDonald's has came out with new breakfast offerings, namely your usual hotcakes with additional choices of hot fudge or strawberry jam, as well as the chicken muffin, paired with their new richer premium roast coffee.

Thanks to Omy.sg and McDonald's, my thursday's brunch was settled! 

McDonald's now have two amazingly new toppings - Strawberry or Hot Fudge. 

Strawberry or hot fudge hotcakes breakfast meals $5.50

As a chocolate lover, I initially thought I would prefer the hot fudge on my hotcakes. But after trying out both the hot fudge and the strawberry, I'm surprised that I actually prefer the strawberry jam! Reason being, the strawberry jam gives a tangy taste as compared to the sweeter hot fudge. What's more is that there's real slices of strawberry inside, giving it an extra texture to the strawberry jam. 

Do note that when you purchase, you are only given a choice between the two, unless you don't mind getting two sets! 

But of course the hot fudge was no where behind the strawberry jam. If served hot, the hot fudge will easily spread across the hotcakes.  

Next, I got to try out the chicken muffin and I must really really say... I love it! 
(Sounds like I'm lovin' it.... Lol)

Chicken Muffin Breakfast Meal $4
The best part of the chicken muffin is really credited to the mayonnaise and the melted cheese. It's all thanks to these two condiment/ingredient that made the chicken muffin no way dry. I simply love mayonnaise! 

The McDonald's staff telling us all about her experience in McDonald's! 

New campaign: Get up and go

Ms Phyllis Cheung, Managing Director of McDonald’s Restaurants (Singapore), said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on National Breakfast Day, we want to energise everyone’s morning and give them the fuel to Get Up and Go. Breakfast is also one of the fastest growing meal segments in Singapore and over the years, customers have shown us how much they enjoy our breakfast menu. National Breakfast Day was our way of thanking our customers for making a McDonald’s breakfast the start of their day.”

The new creation under the collaboration with NETS flashplay as well! 

And every one of us was given a full set of McDonald's Food Strap Full Set too! I'm just a way too lucky girl. 

Sooooo cute to resist! 

Thank you OMY.sg and McDonald's for the breakfast!! :)))

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