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ON the 16th of March, the Community Games 2013 started off with a mingle session between the young, adults and the old. They ha...

ON the 16th of March, the Community Games 2013 started off with a mingle session between the young, adults and the old. They have many programs running concurrently which made Yuhua CC pretty bustling and lively. 

I was gladly invited again by Cgames13 to be one of the social media coverage and so I took a tour around Yuhua CC (which I've never been there before). 

When I first reached, Calvin made me took a photo with the cgames frame and tada here I am! 

On a canoe! 

I see a lot of parents bringing their kids here. Here's one of my blogger friends, Isaiah,  who's also a daddy blogger, bringing his precious daughter here for a fun-filled day. I really think this is such a memorable moment for parents and their children to enjoy and indulge in. ^_^ 

 And here's his little daughter trying the skipping challenge. I guess I'm too old for this :(

The first thing that caught my attention was none other than the balloon sculpturing booth that never fails to put a smile to your face. I saw quite a few children enjoying themselves with numerous balloon sculptures on their hands, arm, even a hat on their heads! They look really happy and I can't help but to snap a few photos of them. 

Haha so cutttteeee can I steal your balloon? 

I also noticed a group of residents trying out zumba in the indoors court too! 
Oh the zumba moment... I've tried before too! Read here

The zumba instructor was really spontaneous and energetic. I almost wanted to join in. 

They have kinect sets at the games station too and I see a lot of kids engrossed in it. Do you like to play kinect? Well I do! It's like the best console game ever because it encourages you to exercise or at least move at little. What kind of kinect games have you played before? :)

And I noticed this adorable kid being soooo engrossed in the game he's in... Hahahaha. 

I was later attracted to this uber cute NILA mascot!! 
Gotta take a photo with him no matter what! 

There were many old folks here to mingle too! Stay healthy! 

And a baby who's a little tired after all the fun activities and games~ :P

I was later attracted to the basketball court as I see the crowd streaming to the court. They started off with the children cheerleading team. They were adorable yet professional! 

It was finally the  meaningful start of Community Games 2013 where I see special guests like Mr Tharman Shanmugaratham (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance) and Ms Grace Fu (Minister, Prime Minister's Office). We were proud to have Mr Tharman to start off the first basketball match as he tossed the basketball onto the centre of the basketball court, signifying the commencement for the Games. 

So many photographers... 

The first basketball match was unexpectedly a tough fight between Yuhua CSC and TJCSC Whites. You can see from the photos that the game was really magnificent, though intense. I could sense the excitement when each team score a goal and also the intensity when the ball did not score. At the end of the closely-tied match, Yuhua CSC has proud their home team and emerged victory with a score of 48 - 40. 

After watching the much intense basketball match, I headed over to the badminton court to watch the badminton game. I was amazed by how the uncles and aunties really kept themselves so fit enough to participate in the games. They really inspired people of their age and I strongly recommend such activities to keep yourself fit too.  

With the beautiful bloggers! :) 
Ruiying on the left and Jennifer on the right. 

And many more photos of the badminton match. 

If I tell you I like badminton, will you believe me? Haha I'm not kidding you.. though I'm not really good at it, like some pro, but at least I can hit the shuttlecock back or smash it down (sometimes)... lol. 

Woo hoo! Nice one uncle! 

After the match, I went ahead to take more photos! 
These two aunties were really nice and spontaneous about taking photo! That's the way man! 

And if you're curious about the upcoming events and the venue they are held, here you go! 

And some more photos taken at the booth. 

One more photo with NILA!!! :D

After a tiring but fun-filled day, we were served with sumptuous buffet. The muffins were really good I must say. 

I had fun and you'll probably see me attending more of the community games as the friendly matches and games continue from the month of March all the way to June! Stay tuned to read more about the events on my blog! Alternatively, you can follow me on instagram/twitter to get live updates as I attend these events :) 

Ending off this post with a group photo with the bloggers! :)

More details from their website: 

The Community Games 2013 (CG 2013) is a multi-sports competition held across the island, bringing the Games to the heart of the community and connecting residents of different ages, races and living across estates. 
CG 2013 is organised by the People’s Association and Community Sports Clubs, with support from the National Sports Associations of the sports to be featured. The sports featured under CG 2013 are Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Dragon Boat, Football, Netball, Road Run and Sepaktakraw, Swimming and Table Tennis.  CG2013 will be taking place from March to June at various facilities across Singapore.


Hui Yan- 


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