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I've always tried many dimsum places, especially the swee choon. But I've never really tried Victor's kitchen and this time,...

I've always tried many dimsum places, especially the swee choon. But I've never really tried Victor's kitchen and this time, I finally went over and got myself some awesome dimsum! 

Playing games while waiting for the food 

We reached at 10am, and the eatery is supposed to open at 1030am. The store owner was nice enough to invite us in first to sit down and wait. In fact, he told us to make our order and he will give us whatever is ready. Speaking about good service!! :D

How do you find victor's kitchen when it's hidden inside sunshine plaza? Outside the eatery, you can see many credentials and awards winning certificated on the wall. You can easily identify them, and that's victor's kitchen. I've never seen so credentials on the wall of a dimsum eatery before, hahaha. 

Try to avoid this day before they are closed! 

Okay the food! 

The prawn was hugeeee and juicy. Too juicy. It was a very sensational and satisfying bite of the dumpling. The dumpling transparent skin was very thin, which is exactly what a good dim sum is about. I hate thick dumpling skin because it totally ruins the mouthfeel. Here, victor's kitchen's king prawn dumplings will not disappoint you. $4 a set, a little pricey but worth it. 

Egg yolk lava bun is the all-time favs I will order without fail! Here at victor's kitchen, the buns are freshly taken out so it's really soft and hot. It's truly gratifying to bite open the bun and all the yolk lava starts flowing out. Be careful not to scald your tongue though! :P

I had a bowl of phoenix porridge. Inside this humble looking porridge, there was bountiful amount of chicken meat and century egg. They are not stingy with the ingredients at all!  What's more, this bowl of porridge might look plain but it's actually not. It doesn't taste plain at all, so I suppose there were quite a few types of condiments added to it. It's a little watery, but it was this that makes the porridge easy to consume. 

I also ordered the glutinous rice to fill our hungry stomachs. If porridge has bountiful ingredients in it, then the glutinous will have even more! The rice was really smooth and slightly gluey, not so much that it was stuck persistently to your teeth. I think the texture of this was ideal and just nice, good to have if you want something filling! 

Overall, I would really recommend victor's kitchen if you would like to have some real hongkong style dimsum. The owners are hongkongers (i'm guessing) because they spoke fluent cantonese. Even if they're not, their food taste equally good as well! A little pricey here though, but between food quality and price, I would rather choose quality. 

The eatery was generally cooling with air-condition. The seats are limited so be sure to come early or you'll have to wait. Still, try victor's kitchen! I'm sure you won't regret it.

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