The Square Restaurant @ Novotel Hotel [Sponsored review]

Have you been to Novotel Hotels before?  I've been here twice actually. The first time for my JC prom night (oh my those were the day...

Have you been to Novotel Hotels before? 
I've been here twice actually. The first time for my JC prom night (oh my those were the days), and my cousin's wedding which happened few months ago only. 

This time, I was here again not because of above-mentioned occasions, but because 

I was invited for a buffet food tasting at The Square Restaurant! 

This has got to be one of the restaurants that I can't forget about how great the service was. The waiters are really prompt at keeping all unwanted food and used plates/bowls. You know how irritating it will be when your table is filled with so many plates of half-finished food which you do not want anymore, and how much you really want the food to be cleared. Here at TheSquare, one of my pet peeve was solved! 

For this period, TheSquare is having a promotion of ‘Are you hot enough?’ and they have special dishes that have different levels of spiciness. 

I went a mini tour around the restaurant as John, the manager of the restaurant, introduced to me the cuisines they have that night. It was a wide range of cuisines and some are not what we usually see at buffets. 

John is definitely a friendly person who was kind enough to attend to me when I reached slightly later than other invited diners (I had class before that).

Here' John! 

As usual, the first few dishes that I went for were the appetizer. 
Surprisingly, they have a really extensive range of appetizers! 
And I love the display of their food. So delicate and neat. 

This was one of my favorites! Particularly the baby octopus (left) and jellyfish (right), excluding the one in the middle. 
The sauces was so rich in taste, love it! 

Chicken salad!

Crunchy tuna coated toast

After the appetizer, I proceeded on to the seafood.

Placed right in front of me was one whole piece of splendid-looking cooked salmon. 
You should know I really love salmon! I went right to it immediately after the appetizer. 

What was worthy to mention here is definitely the big red prawns. They definitely don't taste like crunchy prawns, but rather true blue fresh prawns - JUICY!! 
I ate quite a few fresh prawns! Hehehe. 

And the oyster too! I think it taste best with a little lemon juice on it. They serve slices of lemons at the side too. 

John introduced to me one of their signature dish - Risotto.
They have the Cheese flavor and the Laksa flavor. 
Honestly, I can't make a choice between this too! Always a cheese lover, I enjoyed the cheese risotto which was prepared in a 30+ kg cheese wheel. While on the other hand, the Laksa risotto tasted awesome because it was a little spicy and scrumptious. 

Wide array of cooked food too!

Black pepper mussels
I love mussels!! 

Other dishes! 

Spicy sotongs!

The whole ham right in front of me! 

And drizzle the sauce over the ham, and surprisingly it was very delicious! 

They prepare Laksa right upon your request too!

So guys, here's the 3 levels of dishes they have for their promotion "Are you HOT?"

First level: Spicy pork

Second level: Fish with cream sauce

Third level: Chicken with brown sauce

We also had the Cod fish with Laksa sauce, how unique it is! 

The cod fish was extremely fresh and smooth!
This was certainly one of my favorites and I finished it in seconds. 
I swear it's the best!!! 

I was quite full after having so much yummy food, so I moved on to the dessert! 
Huge chocolate fondue at the corner. 

Some muffins for the chocolate fondue, which tasted surprisingly well though I've never tried dipping muffins for choco fondue!

The Square also has many desserts available for everyone's sweet tooth. 

Durian Pengat !!! The smell of the durian was so strong. 

And their unique chocolate chili mousse hahaahha. 

I certainly enjoyed myself at the buffet, with the seafood and risotto as my favorites of the night. I left with a full and satisfied stomach and I hope I can be back here again! 

Once again, thank you John for the invite to The Square Restaurant at Level 7 Novotel Hotel. 

Ending this post with an #ootd photo!

If you are near ClarkQuay and would like to have some buffet, you can probably drop by The Square Restaurant which is 10 minutes away from Clark Quay station!

Hope you liked my review!

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