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I know I haven't been posting food reviews!  Tell me you are waiting for them please! Haha!  Last wednesday night, where every...

I know I haven't been posting food reviews! 
Tell me you are waiting for them please! Haha! 

Last wednesday night, where everyone was still paying a visit to their relative's house for cny, I was kindly invited to a gathering at The Gourmet Pie company for a food-tasting session! 

It was also an opportunity to know the bloggers for the upcoming Community Games 2013 (CG 2013) Details below! 

I had quite a hard time finding this place because I wasn't familiar with Boat Quay area. Located at one of the alleys at Boat Quay area and near the Singapore River, encompassed with quite a few bars and pubs, The Gourmet Pie Company was quite a rare sight to see. 

I was actually late because I had class that ends at 645pm. Considering that I lost my way while finding the place, I only reached at about 730pm and the rest had already started eating, so let me apologize for any unsightly and ugly food photos ahead.

Steak Cheese Pie

This was specially taken out of the pie warmer for me to take a photo hehe ^.^ 
The people here at  Gourmet Pie Company were really nice, including the waitress! You know that one of the factors that determine whether this place is worth a visit is the service level. Ultimately, I like the service here because the waitress was really polite and the management people were very hospitable. 

Thai Chicken Curry Pie

What's amazing about the pies here are none other than their thin crispy crust filled with bountiful chunks of meat. And I've always been a thai lover! The moment I took a bite of it, I thought I was eating thai food. Perfectly explained how this pie was created with thai flavours. Personally, I liked this pie because it's a pretty much unique one. 

Chicken Leek
 Perhaps a little biased here, I would still prefer the Thai Chicken Curry to this Chicken Leek Pie. It could be due to the slight trace of onion that was found in the pie. 
Opps, picky consumer here, watch out! :P 

A smaller version pies were also available and presented to us. 
Here we have the Pineapple Pie and Apple Pie.
Pineapple Pie (left) and Apple Pie (right). 
These snack sized pies cost $4.50 each! 

If I were to make a choice, my vote will go to the Pineapple Pie, which was specially created for the cny festive season (Gong xi fa cai!!). The apple pie was a little too sweet for me, as there was a lot of sweetness concentrated in the fillings. Whereas for the pineapple pie, it tastes similar to those cny pineapple tarts, of which the sweetness was appropriate to me. 

Pineapple Pie (Background) and Apple Pie (Foreground). 

 Another decent looking pie because it was served after I reached haha! 
Heart sized pies are $8, and it's no doubt worth the price because you'll be pretty full after it.  

After an overwhelming supply of pies after pies, desserts were finally served! ^_^

Brownies totally won me over because the softness was nothing but perfect. Neither too moist nor too tough, the brownie's texture and softness was super well done. Extra mention goes to their walnut brownies because the walnut taste crunchy. The presence of the walnut added texture to the plain brownie and made it softer compared to the normal ones. 

Sweet pies are around $4 only! I thought the S'more pies was really worth it and I'm sure I'll be back for it. 

Smore Pie
Smore Pies was another favorite of mine. A soft chewy layer formed by the marshmallows and a mealy bottom pie crust, it was quite a divine combination.

 The Gourmet Pie Company serves salad and coleslaw as well. 

My apology for the lack of pies shown in the picture. It was late at night and pies were more or less sold out! 

Do you know? Unsold pies are kindly donated to Willing Heart Charity, a registered society since 2005. Talk about bringing back to the society, Gourmet Pie has certainly achieved it.

Condiments and sauces are also provided at the side of the pies warmer. 

Mango Chutney was a special one. Personally, I find it very sour, which isn't a bad thing because it could easily increase your appetite for more pies! Hahaha. 

And here's Darren, going all out to take photos. 

I definitely had a great dinner here at The Gourmet Pie Company for their great pies. 

Here's my other review on a similar concept restaurant: Pies N Coffee. 

I can't do a fair comparison here because both are equally great. But The Gourmet Pie Company certainly stands out more because they serve good wines, I repeat, good wines here to go along with your pies. Unique? Weird? You decide. But for me, I thought it's quite a quirky and cool thing to try. More details here! 

All the bloggers at the food tasting session!
From left: Isaiah, Me, Calvin, Steve (Area manager), Shanice, Tiffany and Andy on the right.

Drop by The Gourmet Pie Company for some great pies if you have the time! ;)
Thanks for the invite!  


Okay, so what's Community Games 2013? 

It's actually a multi-sports competition that will be held around your neighborhood (well mostly!)! A combined collaboration between the People's Association, Singapore Sports Council and Community Sports Clubs, with the support from National Sports Associations of the sports. 

Sounds lengthy? I think graphics will be better for ya. 


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