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I am mad loving this phone app I downloaded to create bokeh for my photos! Looks pretty right...

I am mad loving this phone app I downloaded to create bokeh for my photos!
Looks pretty right! ^.^ 

I downloaded PicsArt! On my samsung s3, iphone should have too I guess. 

Few hours ago, I was supposed to head for dinner with sy at causeway point but we were uncontrollably distracted by the pasa malam right outside Woodlands MRT Station... so here's what we got! 

Curry fish ball, 5 at $2. The curry was really thick and less spicy, I almost finish drinking it! Almost la~ 

Muaaaa cheeeeee that is so stickyyyyy $2

Honey Chicken Chop!!! 
This is the best type they had, if you were here, you should totally get the honey over the fried one. And I swear this is their best seller. The fried chicken chop has lesser meat because it was majorly coated with thick flour and you'll never know how much meat is there actually. On the other hand, the honey one was not coated with flour. Just look at how fast it's selling! 

Shark fin soup, with very little sharkfins obviously~ I didn't really buy this for the sharkfin, I just like this kind of glue-y soup. 

Fried banana which you saw on the very first photo of this post! I loveee fried banana ^.^ 

We ended up super duper full and satisfied with all the junk food we consumed, though they weren't really healthy. But it's a once-in-a-while indulgence! 

Best thing in life is to have a boyfriend who doesn't mind eating this with me, and has to pause every now and then to help me take photos. Bad side is.... my bf is really picky. He doesn't like durian, sweet tomato, curry, corns, rami burger, banana, etc and the list will continue to go till infinity. . . ..... -_-

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