Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Bash!

Any bloggers should know about Nuffnang and how bloggers are closely acquainted with Nuffnang. For me, I started blogging not very long ag...

Any bloggers should know about Nuffnang and how bloggers are closely acquainted with Nuffnang. For me, I started blogging not very long ago (november last year) and I'm already beginning to realise how many great opportunities Nuffnang can bring. 

In fact, few years back when I was still blogging less seriously, I did signed up with nuffnang and earned a few dollars which was not sufficient enough to cash out (hahaha), and not long after I stopped blogging for a super long time. 

And finally, few years down the road, Nuffnang is.. gosh
6 years old! 

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!!! 
Here's a birthday cake for ya!

I received this email on my mailbox few days back, and boy how much I wish I can join this bash with my other friends! At the same time, making new blogger friends! 

As you can see, Nuffnang was started in 2007 and they grew bigger and more influential. Constantly growing, opportunities are also granted to fellow bloggers! 

So what do I love about Nuffnang?

1. Their aplenty opportunities and good 'lobangs'. 
Ranging from contests, movie premiers, events to workshops. 

Every now and then, I receive emails from nuffnang about their events and contests to win their prizes. Sad to say I did responded most of the time but wasn't chosen. But that's reasonable because there are any bloggers out there. Then again, slow and steady wins the race! There's nothing to be anxious about.  I strongly believe it will soon be my time! Hehehe. 

2. Free movie tickets! 
That was like december last year, I participated in their movie premiere contest and I won a pair of movie tickets! That was my very first affiliation with Nuffnang and I'm very sure this won't be the last! 

Read my blog entry here
And after heading down for the movie

And I was informed by Amanda that I won myself a pair of tickets! Yay! :)

And tadaaaaaa. The cinema was huge actually. 

3. Detailed blog statistics tracking system 

Yuppppp these screenshots say it all! With Nuffnang, I'm better able to track my blog visits! Details like how may visits in total, how many unique visits (per IP address I assume), the keywords that lead people to your blog, which are the referrals to your blog etc etc~ 

And of course, simply by putting ads at the side bar, top banner and below the first blog post, I get moolahs ($$$) just like that, without doing anything!

It might seem to be moving very slowly and negligibly, but I still believe that it's still the very start for me and things will gradually take its flight! ;) Have faith yo. 

But the purpose of blogging isn't really for the ad money though. I'm not blogging full time so I'm not depending on this for food. It's just a bonus that Nuffnang has been showering me ^.^

So yup! This time, the 6th birthday bash will be held at...

Click here for more details! 

Soooo nice!! 

And they have exciting sponsors too!!

Everyone will be happily celebrating Nuffnang's 6th birthday and its success! Yay!! 


And here's a simple drawing I drew for Nuffnang! ^.^ 
I know it's ugly but... but... it's was very impromtu! 
By the way if you realise, the 3 triangles are supposed to be in front, but I have no more space so I drew behind! Now, it looks like his hair bwahahhaha. How punk-looking ;) LOL 

As such,

I certainly want to be part of Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash at Ballymoons!!! 

Let my journey with Nuffnang begins from here I believe there will be more to come. Haha so cheesy. But yup I do hope it's the case! ;)


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