CNY day3!

Read day1 and 2 here !!! Day three was all about visiting again! I think I went to like 4 houses that day because all my cousins boug...

Read day1 and 2 here!!!

Day three was all about visiting again! I think I went to like 4 houses that day because all my cousins bought their new houses/condos and want us to have a look. Some were really well-designed so much so that I can't wait to have my own nicely designed house too! Hahaha.

Meanwhile, let this happy boy cheer you up if you happen to be feeling down! Isaiah (my real nephew) always love to laugh/smile. 

Whatssuppppp yo!!

Am I handsome? Are you taking a photo of me? ^.^

Then we all headed over to my aunt's house for buffet lunch! 
Wide spread of buffet dishes waiting for us, making me salivate! 
This is also the reason why people gain weight during CNY. Too much good food!!! 

And surprisingly, this food caterer was considered better than the usual ones I had. My aunt told me this was $22 per pax. 
If interested to know which caterer, let me know! :P

Kids being kids have the least worries. 
Look how cute my cousins/nephews are: 
(The one in orange is my cousin, and the other two are his nephews (cousin's), weird I know)

Hahaha should totally make a gif file for this. 

It's a good thing that every CNY, we have many people coming for gatherings. The number just gets bigger because of all the new little kids coming into this world! Yay

Speaking about kids....

Call me miss chubby!

I want to pinch that cheeks hahaaha.

We ended the day here at my aunt's house with the game called In Between. Have you played that before? It's a gambling game when after opening the first two cards, you decide to bet on whether the third card will be in between the first two card's numbers. If you bet it correctly, you get the amount of money from the pool of money everyone contributed at the start of the game. If the third card's number is NOT between the first two, you pay the money you bet. If the third number coincides with the first two, you pay double of what you gamble. Here, people can lose up to $100 if you bet $50!! 

Gambling is not good of course, but it's a once in a year thing in my family so I thought it's fine. ^.^
I kind of had better luck in this than blackjack. The loss and gains offset each other ;(

Happy CNY everyone! 


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