Do you know that there is actually a Japanese Street, by the name Osaka Food Paradise , at the basement of Jurong Point 1?  (Jurong poi...

Do you know that there is actually a Japanese Street, by the name Osaka Food Paradise, at the basement of Jurong Point 1? 
(Jurong point 1 is the older building located right outside Boon Lay MRT station)

When I read about the Osaka Food Paradise, I didn't know that most of the restaurants there are owned by the same restaurant company! One of the restaurant under them is ICHIBAN, 


YAKIYAKIBO Teppanyaki Restaurant 

Boyfriend and I decided to try out a new place which we've never been to before. Initially we were craving for japanese food, and there we went! 

The store size of this restaurant is really small... Whatever you see in this photo is really what they have. Probably a few more teppanyaki seats deeper into the restaurant. 
And due to it's small size, the queue was terribly long, and luckily we both were here before the dinner crowd! The queue started streaming outside by 7pm. I kind of gauged that the average waiting time after that time is around 15-20mins. 

I ordered these! Continue reading ^_^ 

Boyfriend and I ordered really more than what we would usually order. 

What he ordered was this:
Salmon Fried Rice

When this was served, it was the fragrance of the smell that caught my first attention. Then that was when I saw the fried rice lavished with cooked salmon. Its portion is just ideal for one-pax portion. In fact, I took a few mouthfuls from his fried rice and it was still enough for him. 

It was a pleasant surprise caused by this humble looking bowl of salmon fried rice. I didn't expect a $4.50 bowl of rice could give me bountiful salmon. A perfect dish to pair along with other side dishes.


What came next was also Salmon! 


Perhaps you would think that two pieces of salmon that comes with no rice are fetching too high a price. That's not the truth. The tender salmon submerged in the broth brings pleasure to your taste buds. Good for pairing with rice, as it'll be a little salty to be consumed alone.

No matter how good the food is, the presentation of this dish does makes an impact to its attractiveness, doesn't it? 

Every main dish comes with a plate of complimentary friend bean sprout. 
This came with the salmon.

This complimentary plate of bean sprout faired way beyond my expectation. Personally, I kind of like soft and cooked bean sprout, compared to those raw and slightly tougher ones. This YakiyakiBo has certainly prepared this well enough, with the presence of pepper. 

Boyfriend also ordered the Gyoza. He loves gyoza! ^_^ 


It was effortless to sink my teeth into the soft skin of the gyoza. The thickness of the skin was ideal as it was not too thick. Beneath the gyoza skin, you'll be able to see sufficient minced meat with diced spring onion in it. 

Unfortunately, no gyoza sauce with garlic was served. When we first requested for the sauce, the waitress gave me the soy sauce. Then I asked for the real gyoza sauce where usual garlic slices are expected. Ended up, they gave me a bottle of marinated garlic. Everything was self-serviced. 

Salmon Okonomiyaki 

After seeing this, you might be thinking am I having a salmon feast or something. Haha I am not! We just love salmon too much. 

Okonomi simply means "What do you like" and yaki means "grilled". 
Here, I liked my pancake to be grilled with salmon! 

This has to be consumed fast especially when it is hot .The pleasure of consuming this will diminish as the heat escapes into the air. 

The pancake, topped with liberal amount of salty fish flakes, was an appetizing dish at the start. Every bite should be eaten with some fish flakes on top of it in order to maximize the taste of the pancake. If not, the pancake will gradually taste pale or mushy the more you eat it. At least that was what happened to me. I didn't finish this, oops.  

Last was the dessert! 
Teppan Banana Ice Cream

Have you tried fried banana before? 
Probably yes.

Then how about fried banana with ice cream? 

This dessert is definitely a one-of-a-kind dessert you'll be served. Fried bananas may be very common to most of us, but such commonality is overthrown by the fact that the hot fried banana is paired with ice cream! 

Consume them together gives me a "mmmm" feel. 
I like the texture and the combination of hot and cold items together. Interesting dish indeed. 

Overall, I think this is a great place to have some japanese cuisine besides the commercialized sushi served in for example, Ichiban. However, a thing to note is that Yakiyakibo might be a little bustling and thus you might not be able to enjoy quiet ambience here. In fact, the influx of patrons wouldn't give you the peace to stay here for long either. 

Hope you liked my review! :)

 Tel: +65 6792 0583
Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong point #B1-52
Nearest MRT station: Boonlay MRT station

Opening hours: Daily - 11.30am - 10pm

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