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[Invited food tasting by Openrice]  Disclamer: This is by no means a food critque. I am only writing a review to let readers know how the...

[Invited food tasting by Openrice] 
Disclamer: This is by no means a food critque. I am only writing a review to let readers know how the food taste. Please don't sue me :)

I have an amusing story to share with you. I was invited to another openrice food tasting and I was told that we are going to head down to TwoChefs for zi char (hawker food). At first I've heard many friends talking about this place, how good and cheap the food here is, making me all excited to visit this place and have a feast. And end up? When I reached the place, it was then I realized I had been here before! Hahahahhaa! I think I skated here before from SMU with other skaters. Quite a long journey to skate here from school though. Anyway, this place is quite hidden but it's really worthwhile of your time to find this place. Address below! 

This is their signboard. Small, and not prominent at all, but you'll never guess...

.. the crowd even at 8pm - 9 pm. 
8-9pm !!! FULL. FULL HOUSE! 
Luckily we made a reservation! If not I guess we had to wait very long for an empty table.

They have television on the wall too.. Often times I got distracted by the chinese drama.. Hahah I used to watch with my mum during dinner time.

Soooooo many peopleeeeeeee. 

Let's dive into the food photos now. 

Just one plate of cockles caught the attentions of everyone at the table. Look how much attention it is getting! By the way, four of them are bloggers and the one in black-white strips is from openrice. I got to make many new friends through this food-tasting session too ^_^ 

Drunken cockles 

Six dollars for a plate of drunken cockles!? Shut up and take my money!!! 
This is not a plate of plain fried cockles; the cockles are stir-fried with vinegar (I suppose), making it taste very appetizing. It doesn't feel raw at all, the cockles were prepared well.  

I've always been a fan of cockles and I must say I've tried quite a few different types of preparing cockles, but this is the best type of cockles I've tried!!! Cold and tasty.  

The shells were peeled for you already! Save you the hassle of picking the shell open. 

Vegetables with egg, salted egg and century egg

A plate of vegetables submerged in the soup of 3 types of eggs, you might find it too common. But I wouldn't really agree so. Many of us thought this dish was very addictive. The normal egg makes the majority of the sauce, while the century egg adds texture to the soup. The vegetables in general were soft and smooth, which I guess it is why it's well-liked by all of us. 

Buttered Ribs (Pork ribs in milk powder)

All the prices of the food stated are medium priced. It's to cater for the 6 of us. As such, I don't think this dish is pricey? In fact, having your pork ribs coated in milk powder really gives an amazing mouthfeel. Some of the powder melts in your mouth as you chew on the meat. The ribs are boneless as well! 

This is one of their signature dish and it's definitely a must-have! 

Here's me with one of the bloggers, Uncletehpeng. But can you imagine he's the youngest among us? He's only 18. Sigh :( 
He's quite cheerful and friendly, so it was nice to make a new friend this time! 

Okay okay next! 

Fried buttered prawns (with pork floss) 

Prawn balls are generally expensive at any zichar stall. At first I was still hesitant about Estelle ordering prawn balls because usually we don't get satisfied ordering prawn balls as they are very little and expensive. But here, Twochefs really prove me wrong. Their prawns are really huge and it was even complimented with pork floss and mayonnaise, all at the price of $20 only! I once had prawn balls elsewhere at a random hawker centre at $30, and boy, the quantity was much lesser and less tasty than this. 

In my opinion, this is another must-have too! 

Generous amount of pork floss ^_^ 

Huge chunk of prawn underneath the coat of mayonnaise and pork floss! 

Golden Mushroom Beancurd 

Fried beancurd was submerged in the sweet and sour gravy, coupled with plenty golden mushroom. This was a generally easy-to-swallow dish because of the smooth and gluey gravy, appetizing as well due to its sour element in it. 

This was all we had and it's good enough for us six gluttons. And the best part? The total cost was about  $64 only!!! That's like roughly $10 per person, for so many varieties! Sometimes, for such standards, we usually pay roughly $15-$17. So I must say this is a great place for zi char. Cheap and super good food. 

Cheapest prawn balls ever!! (of a certain standard of course)

Here's their menu if you are considering to visit Twochefs. 

Wait, why are you considering? 

Hesitate no more!!! 

Top row (from left): Cookie and Estelle, 
Bottom: Me, Damien, Herine and Verlyn

It was a super awesome dinner with these people and a long chit chatting session after dinner! They are all very people too :))

Finishing our food in split seconds! Haha. 

Overall, I think it's a very good place for dinner with family. The place is 15 minutes walk away from commonwealth mrt station, so it's a little far and inaccessible. It will be better if you have a car though. Then again, for the good food, who minds travelling?  ;)

Two Chefs eating place 
116 Commonwealth Crescent
Tel: 64725361

Bus Stop: 11439, Blk 92. Bus Service Numbers: 195. 
Train Station: Commonwealth MRT Station
Exit B

Make a reservation before you go!! 

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