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Hello!!!  I am finally back from Bangkok after 5 days of fun, shopping and eating. Bangkok's street food is especially amazing and ...


I am finally back from Bangkok after 5 days of fun, shopping and eating. Bangkok's street food is especially amazing and delicious, and they taste best with that marinated spicy thai sauce which you can never ever find in singapore. The sauce is so authentic and spicy that sometimes I had to drink milk to curb the hotness. 

Oh my oh my, why am I getting off the topic. Before I can actually blog about my bkk trip, I had tons of photos I need to edit and blog about! I still have some stuff to unpack so give me some time! Hehe. 

Meanwhile, I was specially invited by Estelle from Openrice to a food tasting session at Pies & Coffee! And here I am reviewing it immediately on the day itself! 

This is my first time having shepherd's pie for lunch. At first I thought I won't be full after that but how wrong was I! I was so full and satisfied after this meal and I totally love the food here. 

Chicken & Cheddar 

About the food: What I had was the chicken cheddar pie and I can't emphasis how much I love this. The cheesy flavour was just nice for me since I've always been a cheese person. What was amazing about this dish is the marvelous combination of a crunchy crust on the outside and a soft and smooth mashed potato fillings on the inside, filled with generous amount of chicken and real potato chunks. 

I especially love the crunchy yet soft crust! On top of the pie is the a ball of mashed potato and the texture was prefect. It was not so soft such that it will go out of shape, neither was it too hard. 

Each pie is coupled with house salad. I thought the salad dressing was very appetizing since it carries a sour taste. The whole dish was then topped with generous amount of sauce, which I have no idea what sauce was it, pardon me! 

I was given the allowance to order a drink to go with my meal, and I ordered Iced Mocha. 

Iced Mocha 

About the drink: If you are a coffee person and you like the bitter taste, you probably will love this. But usually, I like my mocha to be sweet rather than bitter. But since after eating the pie and I was quite thirsty, I kind of enjoyed the drink! But to be honest, nothing much special about the drink. It's the pie that was nice. 

My full meal which left me extremely full with much satisfaction   

Here's what another friend had: 

Seafood Laksa Shepherd

I didn't get to try this dish so I'm not very sure how was it. But according to the consumer, she said the laksa taste was very strong. There are seafood such as mussels, prawn and squid! 

Wagyu Beef Cheek 

I got this try a bit of this and wow, the taste of the beef was indeed strong and authentic! The beef chunks was tender for easy chewing. It is the taste of it that makes this dish special. If you like beef, you might want to try this out. 

Okay, are you curious how the place look like?

A small little cozy cafe with limited seats indoors, they have more seats outdoors for larger group of people. This time, I went in a group of 10! 

Quite a few working adults will drop by for lunch, but the cafe was not very crowded at even around 1pm. 

About the ambience: My feeling of the cafe is a very relaxing and cozy cafe located in a pretty much isolated corner of Rochester mall (which is why I took very long to find this place). The cafe is quiet and it shall definitely be a good place to chill out with your friends, no matter it's just two of you or a group of friends. But since there are limited seats, you might want to give them a call and see if they accept reservations. 

A group of people definitely has to sit outdoors. And if you know that you have to sit outdoors, I suggest coming in the evening because the place is pretty humid and hot in the afternoon, at least that was how I felt when I had my lunch there. 

Cakes variety. 

And the pies! 

About the waiting time: Since the pies are ready made and they just simply heat it up, the waiting time was not long at all! Yay! 

The sell cookies too! 
Looks yummy and cute in the different sized cookie jars. 

Dennis Apple Pie

To conclude, I wouldn't mind bringing my boyfriend or good friend over to this cafe if we need a place to chill or hang out, grab a coffee or frappe and enjoy ourselves at this cozy little cafe. I wouldn't mind having this as lunch too because the portion is just nice and since it's all about potatos, the carbo in it is good enough to keep me full. 

With all the open-ricers. Beside me is Estelle, who invited me to the food tasting session. Thank you! 

Hope you like my review! 

Pies & Coffee
( Tel: +65 6570 0080
Address: Rochester Mall 
35 Rochester Drive,  #01-02
Nearest MRT station: Buona Vista MRT station

Ask the SMRT staff where is the mall before you went ahead to find it, because I lost my way and wasted a hell of time finding rochester mall. Sigh. 

Opening hours: 
9am - 11pm daily

Hui Yan- 

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