Jurong Bird Park trip part 2

Read my trip to the Jurong Bird Park - Part 1 here!  Here come's part 2!  I forgot to post photos of the food we bought previous...

Read my trip to the Jurong Bird Park - Part 1 here! 
Here come's part 2! 

I forgot to post photos of the food we bought previously before we head to the bird park. 
Boyfriend and I went over to Fairprice (NTUC) at jurong point to buy some snacks and staple food. It's very important to bring your own food because it costs a bomb to dine at tourist areas like Bird park!! One 500ml bottled drink costs $3! Crazy shit. 

So I got myself sushi rolls! Very cheap at fair price. 

And some ham for our own sandwich! ^_^
The one on the extreme right is the cheapest, which is the usual ham we can buy in a packet of 10. 
The other two are slightly more expensive but pretty good quality. So one slice of it cost around $1.20. Well, definitely cheaper than what Jurong Bird Park can offer! 

Ready to make the easy sandwich. 

Totally easy! And filling as well. 
If you are free, you can even go on with preparing egg mayo at home and bring it over to enhance your sandwich! The sandwich is a bit dry without the egg mayo. I didn't make it cos I woke up late.. :( 

Lot's of foodies boyfriend brought from home! 
I was spoilt for choices hehe.

Okay okay I am a human, I have severe eye bags and dark circles. I don't like to put makeup too. I know i know..  But as long as I'm comfortable with it! ^_^

So we continued our small little journey to this African Waterfall Aviary! 

Took the one and only couple shot by a passer-by. 

We happened to hit the feeding time so here comes the excited me!! 

HAHAHA I have no idea why I pose like that! Don't ask me!! 

When we reached the feeding area, I thought we had to pay for the food like how I did for feeding the pelicans. But guess what the zookeeper told me! She said since I am going to feed them with the same thing, you can just take a cup of worms and feed them. You can donate any amount you want into the donation box. 

So I did! 
And here's two cups of mealworm!! I totally squirmed when I was holding them. 
But I saw kids putting the worms onto their palm and feed the birds! OMG :O

Can see how far I hold them from me? Hahahaha. 

And more worrrrrmmmmssss!!

So I held my arm straight and waited for the birds to come.... .

But none came :(
"Why no birds one?" 

"Yay here comes one!!"
But I moved a little and it FLEW AWAY!!!!
I was so hurt! 

Boyfriend threw the worms onto the flow to lure the birds here -_- 
More of shunning them away by giving them worms elsewhere! 

The bird biting a hugeass meal worm! 


no actually, it's someone else's arm :(


Look how stiff I was! I was too afraid that the birds will fly away again! 

Some scenery and waterfall inside the aviary. 

More photos of me trying the lure the bird! 
They are all so hostile :<

After feeding these birds at the Aviary, we went over to watch the performance! 

While waiting for the show to start, I made the second sandwich! 

Then the show started! It's called the High Flyers Show.
A zookeeper (or should it be birdkeeper?) came out with a gorgeous Cockatoo. 

While watching, I am happily sitting at the audience's seat and munching my bread awayyy~ 
It's really a huge sum of money saved! I didn't spend a single cent at birdpark on food. Okay, nothing spent there at all except for the tickets. 

Then the second part of the performance was a little race between the two Macaws! 

Seriously how can parrots be so obedient?! So cute :>

This lucky chubby boy got picked for audience's interaction! 
And the little yellow birds look so cuteeee! 
I wish I was right beside them to take a close-up photo :(

Another bird! Not sure what specie is this but LOOKS MORE CUTE with the long beak hahaha. 

Fly oh fly~

The birdkeepr called the two birds on his arm, husband and wife. 

Now this little green parrot knows how to sing! 
How amazing! 

It sang us "Happy birthday" song too. 

So you remember I am very kiddish inside me? 

When they asked for volunteers, 
and just nice I had direct eye contact with the zookeeper walking up,


I raised my hand and ..

There was I! 

I am really shameless, but I don't care as long as I had fun. 

I was supposed to hold that flowery hula hoop 

I really WAS elated to death. 

Good-looking birdkeeper set a new challenge. 

To use a smaller ring! 

So christmas-y feel. 

Then the show ended! Was really a nice one so I suggest you not missing this show. It's called the High Flyers Show.

Photo doesn't focus me but IT'S OKAY, TAKE THE GORGEOUS BIRDS PLEASE ^^

Then we moved on to the world of darkness! 
Make a guess what is this place about!! 

Before that, let me show you my teeshirt that I bought from bkk, at only $6! 

And the place is for owls!! 
SHH keep quiet and keep your flashes off. 

What a spectacular view of this snow owl! The place was really dark, it's only after I take a photo with my camera than can I see the owl more obviously! 

They look fluffy here. 

Okay that's about it for part 2! Many more photos coming up!! 
Read part 1 here


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