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Headed over to Hot Tomato for a quick lunch with my boyfriend one afternoon!  At first it ...

Headed over to Hot Tomato for a quick lunch with my boyfriend one afternoon! 

At first it was super empty when we reached. Roughly around 12.30pm, but the restaurant got filled up very quickly in a while!

I was attracted to this place by the flyer I got while I was walking to Plaza sing. I thought the price was really cheap and since we want to settle our lunch quick, we went over without a second thought. 
Student meal FTW!! Hehehe. 

Their menu. 

And promotion 

Our student meal comes with ice lemon tea, free flow. 
A tad too sweet, taste like syrup. 

We also ordered some sides to fill our stomach! 
Garlic bread $3.90 
Taste normal! 

Mashed potato $3.90 
Worst side ever. You give me a bowl of mash potato and some mushroom sauce, and you demand $4 for this. Atrocious. 

And I think the one at 7-11 taste better. 

Here comes our mains. 
Sirloin Steak 'N' Agio Olio 

This was surprisingly good! I had the beef meat medium and it was still quite raw. Nonetheless, the steak was pretty well done and the portion was great. I couldn't finish too! For a price of $9.50 for this, I think it's a good deal :) 

Drizzle the mushroom sauce over the steak improves the mouthfeel by quite a bit. 

You can see the middle part was still a little raw, but it's still chewable

Fish 'N' Chips 

Compared to that of the Sirloin steak, I think the portion of this was just nice, not too much and not too less. Again, fish 'n' chips usually taste similar. Personally, I like to dip the fish into the mayonnaise and it turned out pretty good! 

The fries was surprisingly good as well. Soft and mushy. 

The total bill fetch less than $30. For two person with quite a few things, it's really fine. Probably something to be aware of is that you have to order your sides wisely. Their soup looks good from what I see from the table next to me. 

They have a few outlets in singapore too! 

Overall, I think the food here fetches very affordable and justifiable price. They have promotions for working adults too! Which is why you see so many people patronizing Hot Tomato during lunch break. 

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