Food invites

Hello folks.
Today is a joyous day! 

I had two emails from two restaurants seperately inviting me to their food-tasting session for their upcoming promotions! I feel so honored! I mean, 2 months into blogging and writing food reviews, I didn't expect invites to come so quickly. At first I didn't really thought of going into doing detailed food review, but it was until when I got my new lens (Tamron 17-50mm) then I started taking nice photos of the food I had. And everything after that is what you see on this blog. 

Now, I am invited for food-tasting! I am still in surprise. ^_^ 

Give you a random photo of me to show you how happy I am! 


Several posts that I would like to share are: 
The marmalade pantry mainsdessert 

Enjoy reading! 

Hui Yan- 

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