Fat Boy's Food review + burger making!

Picture extracted from Fatboy's ! This time, I was invited to another food tasting session by Estelle from Openrice again. ...

Picture extracted from Fatboy's!

This time, I was invited to another food tasting session by Estelle from Openrice again. 
Thank you so much Openrice for all the free and awesome food coming! I have 90 photos for this post so be prepared for all the photos coming your way. And this will be the longest food review I'll be writing. 

So the pick for today's food tasting was the burgers at FAT BOY'S - the burger bar.  
The special thing about our visit this time was that we get to see how meat patties are prepared, and we even get down to make our own patties, with the choice of either beef or pork! 

Let me entice you with this burger which has my handmade beef+pork patty! You'll know why beef + pork in a while.

The uniqueness about this restaurant is apparent - it's a burger bar where you can build your own customized burger! 

Here's the long and comprehensive menu of items you can choose to customize your burgerrrrr. 

I was greeted to nacho chips with its appetizing tomato sauce,

And spicy drumlets. Really spicy. 

And there we go, our two hosts starting our meat patty demonstration! 
Left was Calvin and right was Darren. They are both bloggers who have been blogging for very very long. I was glad to know them through this session! Darren is a year 4 student from SMU too! Too small a world. 

And the mighty boss was introduced! Welcome Mr Bernie! 
He is a totally humorous guy! He was like complaining how the uniform was too tight for him after not wearing it for long. 

Bernie explaining how patties are usually prepared, with what kind of condiments and sauces. 

Here's all the bloggers, food reviewers and food bloggers. 

Everyone never fails to carry a camera. 

Bernie was very diligent in explaining to us about all the items used to create the burger served on the table. 

And the three buns used are: 
Sesame Seed Bun, Whole Meal Bun and Honey Oat Bun 
Honey Oat was the more popular bun chosen by majority of us. 

So Bernie gets down making the patty, and before he touch the meat, he wore the gloves and said: 
"Hm even the gloves are too small" 
Haha so funny! 

Beef patty! 

To prepare the patty, Bernie said we had to drop the ball of meat hard onto the metal bowl, and knead it well enough so that the condiments and sauces are well mixed into the patty. 

Apparently, some people's patty wasn't very nice, and they suspect kneading was not enough. 
But please don't worry! All patties are prepared by the experienced chefs. 

Press the patty flat on the bowl, and add in the condiments! 

*Knead knead* 

After kneading well enough, we can proceed on to mould the patty into round shape. 

Now the pork! 

Okay something special about the pork patty! 
Bernie said to make the texture extraordinary, he added Pork Collar and Bacon into the pork patty. 
Apparently, it was one food blogger who suggested to him to add pork collar to improve the texture. And it was true! At times, I found myself chewing the distinct pork collar in my patty. 

Based on experience, the pork patty will expand in the middle, but shrinks as a whole while being cooked, especially the part in the middle. Which is why, he used a finger to create a dent in the middle of the pork patty. 


Estelle and I ! 

Now it's time to try making our OWN PATTY!! 

Looking very excited now.
I want to specially thank cookie for helping me take all the photos! She's another blogger! 

Check out my patty: A combination of Beef and Pork. 

Wondering why? That's cos Bernie told me it's actually surprisingly good to mix the beef and pork together to make a patty. And since I have the opportunity to make my own patty only this one time, why not? I have no more other chance to have a beef and pork combination next time because all patties are ready-made by the chefs. 

Me kneading the patty. It feels exactly like kneading flour LOL. 

"How does my patty look?" Muahahhaa. 

I can't remember what they said here, but it got me laughing. 

You can see the two distinct colour of my patty. 

After kneading, add in the condiments and sauce! I think I added salt, pepper and elvis sauce. 

Too hungry to wait! Try out the condiment first! 
HAHA kidding!! 

Mix in the ingredients well! 

Cookie said I looked very serious while kneading, so I laughed!

Then I thought there wasn't enough meat... 

And guess what happened!! 

My patty was too thick! HAHAHA. 

So embarrassing. But it was a very fun experience! 

A photo with the boss! 


And here is the food!!! 

On top of my own beefpork patty, I added Fried Egg, Bacon, Sauteed Shitake Mushroom and Cheddar Cheese sandwiched between Honey Oat Bun, paired with Fatboy's Homemade BBQ sauce. It turned out very delicious! I am so proud of myself for coming out with something nice and edible. Hahaha. 

So after the calculation, this well-sized burger will cost a humble $18.40 only! It comes with fries, lettuce and tomato with no additional charges. If you've read about my review on EwF, I give my votes to FatBoy's, hands down. 

You know what, I really thought this burger was totally worth the price! You should be convinced by looking at how thick the beef patty is.

I do want to mention about the Honey Oat Bun as well. It's very soft and tender, and the surface of the bun is non-crispy like how usually fastfood restaurants' burger buns are. I could taste a hint of honey-sweetness in the bun as well, and I love it! 

I opted for the Fatboy's homemade BBQ sauce because I wanted to try about something they have invented, or rather something they called it theirs. I didn't want to overcrowd the burger with different sauces and eventually confuse my tastebud, so I only chose one sauce. 

And the result? Perfect

The sauce carries a slight tangy savor which really appetize me as I dig into my huge beefpork patty. 

Check out my juicy beefpork patty!! 

I cut a slice and here's what I will have - four layers of ingredients: Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Fried egg and Beefpork patty! The bite was truly satisfying. 

I paired my burger with this bold-looking milkshake and you'll never guess what I have in here. 
Strawberry milkshake + caramel + banana + oreo crush. 

Okay I admit ten bucks for a milkshake might surprised you a little. That's also because I added 3 different thing into my milkshake. Again, you could customize your own milkshake!!! 
If you could get something that could easily buy you over because the milkshake was so thick and generous, would you mind that amount? For me, it's a once-in-a-while indulgence that I wouldn't mind. 

Look at the oreo crush on the milkshake, and the caramel sauce all over the cup.
The taste was very strong and thick. At my very first sip, I could taste the banana that was well blended into the strawberry milkshake. In fact, a bad thing is the banana taste has covered the strawberry. 

Recently, I've just been very into strawberry milkshakes. Chocolate milkshakes just doesn't appeal to me anymore! 

Some photos of other people's burgers! 

Wow look at the egg yolk~~

About the place: 
A pretty big sized restaurant without air-conditioning. But the fans have provided enough ventilation, so I thought it's fine! The place was a little crowded even at 3pm, so imagine its popularity. 

I think this place is very friendly catered to big groups with the tables and seats at least 6 seaters. 

I had a pretty much hard time finding this place. But it's actually along the shop houses near Marymount station! It's right next to Longhouse @ bishan only.

Quite big sized isn't it! 

Look at the ceiling! 

I love their lamp decorations too! 

The have this hugeass menu on the wall too! Haha, interesting. 

And the toilet sign. Why so cute!! 

Lastly, end off the a group photo with all the bloggers and openricers! 

FATBOY'S - the burger bar
( Tel: +65 6834 4951
Address: 187 Upper Thomson Road
Nearest MRT station: Marymount MRT station

Hui Yan- 

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