Cafe cartel review

Went over to cafe cartel after filming for my brother's wedding montage on last Saturday.  I was very full after the food tasting a...

Went over to cafe cartel after filming for my brother's wedding montage on last Saturday. 
I was very full after the food tasting at The Rotisserie in the morning, so I only ordered an ice cream waffle for myself. 

The promotion they have. But one very important thing not shown here, is that Passion card has 15% discount, 5% more than this! So grab your passion card before you go! Good thing was I have a passion card ;)

The restaurant was generally huge and spacious, good for gatherings. Perhaps make a reservation first to ensure your group has enough seats to sit together! 

Their desserts were very nice, especially their cheesecake. 

First up!

Mushroom and Ham pasta

Looks generously topped with ham slices and mushroom! I thought the single egg yolk on the peak of the spaghetti was cute haha. 

My waffle! 
Bananarama Waffle

The bananas are topped with caramel, and it gives a very sweet taste. The waffle in general.. wasn't up to expectation. To be honest, this could be one of the worse waffle I've ever tried. I will definitely not come back for their waffle. 

I've tried their ice cream brownie before, slightly better than this but the more you eat, the more sick you get due to the overwhelming sweetness in it. 

Fish and Chips

For such a price, a piece of fish is definitely not worth it. I've been to many restaurants who can serve more quality fish at almost the same price. For example, raindrops cafe. In fact, cheaper than thai cafe cartel's! Overall, mehhhhhh. 

California Grill Burger 

I guess this will be the most appetizing dish amongst the rest huh. The chicken meat was indeed thick and juicy, makes me drool whenever I see this photo. But still, couldn't beat the one at FatBoy's

Trio Meat Lover's Platter 

Comes with ribs, sausages and chicken chop. I would say that's quite a few varieties in a plate! 

It may looks little here, and in fact this dish was meant for 2 pax to share. I guess it's fine if a person can finish everything in this plate, because the meat were generally smaller in size. Nonetheless, my brother told me the meat taste good.  

Grilled tender chicken in mushroom sauce 

I've always been a fan of mushroom sauce. So if the sauce is alright, nothing can go wrong here. But it may seems a little pathetic here for a piece of small chicken at such a price. I think astons sells almost the same at a lower price? 

Nothing much about cafe cartel's main dishes that I would like to comment about. All I know is this place probably isn't good for lunch. Their happy hour (9pm) where all snacks and desserts are going at half price would probably be more worth it. Haha! 

Cafe Cartel
( Tel: +65 6336 2682
Address: Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #01-32/33/35
Nearest MRT station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Opening hours
Mon - Thurs: 11.30AM - 11.30PM
Fri/eve of PH: 11.30AM - 12.30AM
Sat: 8.30AM - 12.30AM
Sun/PH: 8.30AM - 11.30PM

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