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Few days back we had our skating event -!  Nope, it's not an official website so don't bother! It's just a gimmic...

Few days back we had our skating event -! 
Nope, it's not an official website so don't bother! It's just a gimmick name. is basically an adventure race, on skates! We have to skate parts of singapore and complete certain challenges and obstacle games to proceed on to the next station. 

Here's us trying to solve the riddle before we set off for the race! 

All geared up ready to go!! 

The first game we had was sauce-tasting competition. We need to guess what sauces are mixed in the cup. 

No, I am not enjoying the sauce like how I seem in the photo. I'm just lookkingggg. Haha! 

One of the tasks was to do a jumpshot and all of us has to be in the air! 

All photos taken using phone so it's blurry! 

My hair looks purple! Haha! 

We had to take photos at different scenes. Here's the water fountain at marina barrage. 

To show you how fast we skate, such that our hair go out of shape, here you go.  
I know I looked super shag and fugly. We really skated super fast and the wind has shaped my fringe this way! 

Then we played the charades game. Haha Jerreme is really good at this. 

Can't remember what's this, but not running that easy! 


Aerobics Lol.

One of the task is to beat Aaron (in blue) in arm wrestling! Our dear Jun Jie (in black) was shocked when the match started off, but he did maintain the position for at least 30 seconds! Aaron was in canoeing so it's very good to at least not get beaten already! 
Why look so serious~~ 

We also have to steal one of our station master's item without him noticing. There we go! 

With station master- Bernard. 

We skated all the way from SMU to marina barrage, then to ECP! 
When we've reached, we were super tired. Especially me. 


Nice photo!

Another task - take photo with strangers skating. 

Guessing what item is inside the box by touching it. 

I touched the first one and it was tennis ball. I foolishly thought there will be NO living things but boy, how wrong was I. They made it compulsory for the only girl (that's me) to choose between the last two boxes, and since it's increasing intensity, many of them told me to go for the second last box instead..

This expression was not on purpose.
I really don't know what the hell it was. 
I only know.... IT FREAKING MOVED! 



To think that I was trying so hard to figure out what is this and I hold it's body up for more than 1 minute!! 
Haha but still, my first time touching a frog!! Now i've conquered my fear!! Haha to begin with, I'm don't really fear frogs. 

The last box was filled with mealworms, thanks. 

After the game, we rushed off from the end of ECP all the way to the water ski part. If you're unaware, it's hell a long way to go. We were really fast, I've never been so fast before I swear! 

They had to 'dragon' behind Jerreme to save some energy.. 

And the lucky me has my own lovely boyfriend to drag me teehee 

Okay la I did skate own my own most of the time. In fact my stamina has increased a lot after all the regular running and gymming I have over this holiday. 

You really can't expect me to maintain my weight with all the food reviews going on right? :) 

That's about it for day 1! It's fun isn't it! 
Skating is my first and only hobby and I'm glad i'm still keeping it as a hobby. 

Till then! Stay tuned for day2! 

Hui Yan-

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