Mei Di Ya Supermarket

Have you been to MeiDi-Ya supermarket before? If not, let me tell you what does it have!  ...

Have you been to MeiDi-Ya supermarket before? If not, let me tell you what does it have! 

Almost similar to Daiso, they follow the Japan concept and carries a large variety of japanese products. The price are slightly pricey though, but if you want Japanese tidbits, this is the place you would want to go. 

They have a largeeee variety of cereals as well! Some are those that usually can't be found in the normal supermarket. 

AND I found my long-lost love! 
Alpha-bits! I love this cereal so so much because the are so cute and taste well too! 

They also have these tidbits that comes from Japan! A friend of mine brought back some from Japan as well. But we can actually find them in Singapore! 

My favourite is the one with cheese flavour! Should be the orange one. 
Don't you find it very pretty to see all the different flavours packed in different colours? 

Shop shop shopppppp. 
The staff doesn't seem happy that we're taking photos leh. But was there such rule that we can't take photos? -.-

They also have very unique spaghetti ! 

Remember I mentioned about this costing much more expensive than Daiso? Daiso sells at $2 and see how much they sell here! Shop smart people!! :)

See another unhappy and kpo staff
JAGABEEEEEE! My favourite potato chips! 

MeiDi-Ya supermarket also has this area for the kids to watch the cartoon while their parents shop at the supermarket. Quite thoughtful isn't it! 

Check out my boyfriend ^_^ 

Cute beers! 

And lots of different types of Japanese tidbits~~ 

Alright that's about it! There are many other products such as puddings, seasonings, condiments, etc just like those that are found in a normal supermarket, but they have more unique brands. They also have bentos and fresh food imported from Japan! 

Have fun! 

( Tel: +65 6339 1111
Address: #B1-50
Liang Court Shopping Centre 
Nearest MRT station: Clarkquay MRT station 
+ 5mins walkable distance 

Opening hours: 
10am - 10pm 

Hui Yan- 

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