Face mask - part 2 !

I hope I don't get lazier any sooner, but I've been actively applying face masks (actually, second piece so far la hahaha) to keep ...

I hope I don't get lazier any sooner, but I've been actively applying face masks (actually, second piece so far la hahaha) to keep my face moisturized.

Previously, I applied a chocolate truffle mask from 我的美丽日记.

Today, I'm using this Myeonghan Miindo Whitening & Hydrating Mask sheet from TheFaceShop.
Apparently it's very popular mask in korea!

Small tip: Do you know that you can actually put your mask in the refrigerator before use?

It's an awesome feeling. The moment I put the 'chilly' mask on, I can instantly feel the cold relief on my tired out skin.

If I were to rate the two types of mask, I would say:

Myeonghan Miingo
Does it smell nice?
Cause its chocolate truffle, it has some sort of dessert smell (Haha!).
Totally love the sweet scent. Especially since it’s a mask, my nose can constantly smell the scent
Easy to apply?
Extremely easy to apply, and it fits my face pretty well. Its gel-like texture  is softer and smoother.
Quite okay to apply, with rather more creases. Maybe it just doesn’t fit my face? It has more of a cotton-like texture~
Stick on well?
Since as mentioned above, it’s soft and thick, it sticks on very well.
So far so good! Stick on pretty well too.
Thickness of the mask?
Both are thick!
Mixture of the mask?
Very soon, the top part of the mask is drier than the bottom part, I guess the mixture of the nutrients has made its way down due to gravity. Bahaha.

Still very spread out! The mixture stays within the mask and it doesn’t flow outtt. 

I thought this mask was good for the price, but the nutrients flows down from the mask easily. Maybe it's not a bad thing too, can easily apply to the neck area! 
This is slightly better because firstly, the nutrients doesn't flow down, it's locked in the mask sheet. Secondly, the mixture is not as sticky as the previous one. 

What was for dinner:

My friends and I were too lazy to get out to grab dinner cos we were studying in school for our last paper. Ended up this cost $50 for 3 persons. Should have ordered Dominos because they have much better deals and promotion. But I still like pizzahut's stuffed crust pizza! J

Domino's pizza promotion!!! 

Random but haha, this kind of shoe is so conmon! 

I have a paper tomorrow and I behave like my exams are over. 


Hui Yan- 

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