Dae Bak Korean BBQ Review

Yesterday, I went to this Korean BBQ restaurant that Evan introduced us to go.  Verdict: Super good  "Dae Bak"  usual...

Yesterday, I went to this Korean BBQ restaurant that Evan introduced us to go. 

Verdict: Super good 

"Dae Bak"  usually means success, awesome or best, depending on which context you use them. For this case, I shall say the food was DAE BAK! 

At first when we reached at 12pm, we were like the second customer of the day. The whole restaurant was empty and quiet haha. I thought I've stepped into an unpopular restaurant. But little did I know half an hour after we started eating, customers started coming in and the restaurant started becoming bustling! 

And because we were early, the ladyboss let us use the room! Yay!! 

Their thick menu

My friends playing with the suction thing. 

Free side dishes that are free flow too! Every one of them is pretty good. I particularly like mash potato and spicy cuttlefish. I've never been a great fan of kimchi at all, but I thought the kimchi was good, especially when I eat it with the meat, which you can see later! 

Here are my friends - From left: Evan, Taisoon and Yi Zhe. 

I've known them when I was in JC, where I attended this Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES). Evan and Yizhe were my fellow facilitators, while Taisoon was my JC classmate. We all know each other through YES, except Taisoon la haha!

Yizhe just love to blink his eye. Le sigh hahaha. 

And here comes the food!! 


Kimchi Soup $10 
A very small sized kimchi soup, it was meant for one person. So $10 is pretty pricey. But I have to say the soup is pretty good and of strong-taste. Slightly spicy only, but the soup was good! 

Spicy Rice Cake $3
It's just made of flour. Lol. Nothing much, but the sauce has a nice sour taste. 

The meat that we ordered: 
Spicy Marinated Pork Belly $18
Boneless Prime Ribs $28

As you can see, the portion is definitely not worth the price. You may think it's too damn little. Yes it's true, we were shocked to see such portion for the price. HOWEVER, wait wait let me finish. The meat was really good. 

For the Spicy Marinated Pork Belly, it is a must-try. Although the portion is small, the restaurant provides scissors and tongs for you to cut after you bbq-ed the meat. I LOVE THIS!! 

As for the Boneless Prime Ribs, this is way too overpriced. Unless you must eat beef for the meal, I don't suggest you getting it. After bbq-ing the beef, it shrunk by a lot so there wasn't much to chew one.  

Suction device sucking the smoke, so that the whole room will not be filled with smoke. A good way to keep your shirt stink-free haha. :)

So I was saying just now, you can mix the side dishes with your meat. Evan taught us that we can place the meat on the lettuce along with some side dish, and eat it together. 

Like this! 
Lettuce + beef + spicy cuttlefish + kimchi 

Lettuce + beef + spicy cuttlefish + raddish 

As you can see, lettuce it the main thing that wraps your meat and other side dishes. They taste good when you put everything into your mouth together J

And the unique thing here is, they pour the uncooked egg along the bbq pit and cook it! 

Spicy Marinated Pork Belly - looks super juicyyyyy and thick right! 

Lettuce + pork belly + spicy cuttlefish + egg 

Lettuce + pork belly + raddish + kimchi 

My friends doing all the cooking woohoo. I just sit at the side eating. ^_^ 

HAHAHA bbq-ing the mushroom. Taste surprisingly crunchy and good.

Then after finishing the first two meat, we can't get enough!!! Hehehe. 
So we ordered another pork shoulder-loin.
Pork Shoulder-Loin $18 
Best meat that we've ordered, and I really have to say I did not regret ordering more of this. This was even juicer than the pork belly! Teehee. Although it was not slightly spicy like the spicy marinated pork belly, this is equally good with the meaty juice and fats (I know, fatsL)

(All the chicken and pork are priced at $18, and all beef are priced at $28)

I'm always the one taking photo so you seldom see me in the photos. Boo hoo :( 

Pork shoulder-loin!!! 

This is Evan, the pianist with a diploma in piano, barbecuing the meat for us with his delicate fingers. How lucky are we lol! 

Taisoon: Keep up the good work Evan! 

And here are my friends trying to push away the last piece of meat LOL. Trying to act friendly there. 

Evan: You sure? I'm gonna eat the last piece, don't regret!! 

The guys trying to write some korean words. 

Last group photo! 

By the way, here's one very important thing you should know before visiting Dae Bak. 
They offer stove-bbq in the afternoon, and only charcoal for dinner. The ladyboss was kind enough to notify us that they don't offer charcoal for lunch, so the meat will not taste as nice. So if you mind not using charcoal, or would like to try out bbqing with charcoal only, you should make a call for reservation as well because I believe the restaurant will be packed with people during dinner time. 

Some tips here as well. Go as a group so that you can try more types of meat and pay at a lower price! J

Dae Bak Korean BBQ 
( Tel: +65 6226 0450
Address: 98 Amoy street, Singapore 069918
Nearest MRT station: Raffles place 

Opening hours: 
11.30am - 2.30pm
5.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Sunday!

Hui Yan- 

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