Canopy Dining Garden & Bar Review

Let me cut to the chase because I am so so excited to share this place with you.  Verdict: You got to give it a try  On our 1...

Let me cut to the chase because I am so so excited to share this place with you. 

Verdict: You got to give it a try 

On our 11th month after getting together, and along with the december holidays, SY and I (more of me) decided to give Canopy Dining Garden & Bar a try and I totally loveeeee it.

We reached at about 11.45 PM and there wasn't a lot of customers. The ambience and restaurant decors was so great that I wish I could stay here a little longer for a chat with my boyfriend. The restaurant was playing very soothing music and the indoor air-conditioning was ideal. Nothing can beats the scenic view of the nature in the park as well. 

I give this place a 5 thumbs up!!

Best thing is, the price was very worth it. The quality of the food can easily fetch a higher price but I guess because of the location, the price was ranging about $12 - $15 for each dish! Our total bill fetch a $40 and it was good enough to leave both of us very satisfied and happy ^_^

Although the location of this dining restaurant is not as easily accessible, but it is worth the hassle to travel to this place. 

It's located at Bishan Park 2 (will explain the directions to go there at the end of this post), so kudos to those staying in the North! I stay in the north so Bishan wasn't very far from my place. 

The outdoors of the dining garden. 


Indoors. A very cozy little place.

The seats inside were very limited. At around noon, the crowd started filling the restaurant and by the time we are done with our meals, many people has to settle outdoors or they had to wait. Which means, make your reservation if you would like to sit indoors J

My boyfriend doesn't like to be taken photos of. But he likes to take photo of other people and things!

The menu.

Was playing 1v1 game while waiting for our food to come

First up!
  Ice Lemon Tea.
A very authentic brewed tea which is different from ILT from other places. Authentic, I mean it, and I like this J

He loves ILT the most.

Next up!
Clam Chowder Soup
Comes along with the tea as a lunch promotion

This soup is definitely above average. The ingredients are generously included in the soup, with celery, carrots and clams, topped with bread chunks.

I'm a happy girl as long as I get to eat good food teehee.

Fish & Chips
The fish are fresh, SY likes it. But I thought it was a little bland. Nonetheless, this dish is great for its price and definitely can beat Manhattan fish market's fish and chips. 
They provide generous amount of condiments to complement the fish and chips as well. 

Yum yum! 
Very fresh!

And here's mine here's mine!! 

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Roe 

I have always been a super great fan of salmon and smoked salmon, but I don't really like watery and mashed up scrambled eggs. But this dish was a pleasant surprise because the scrambled eggs was not those watery one, so I like this dish.

It goes even better with the fresh toast. I placed the eggs and salmon onto the toast and took a bite, and it was so good. The slight salty taste from the smoked salmon complements the toast very well.

Random but here's my pink gradient nails! Hehe 

Very affordable and worth it. 

We don't celebrate month-saries but we make it an effort to dine together on the special date every month 

I must thank my boyfriend for always accompanying me to every places that I wanted to go. Thank you love!!

How to go: 

We took bus 133 from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, and alighted at the fourth bus-stop. When you alight, you should be able to see this hawker center.

Then, take the overhead bridge to the opposite and there's the bishan park. Canopy Dining Garden & Bar is just located nearby. 

Canopy Dining Garden & Bar
( Tel: +65 6556 1533
Address: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Nearest MRT station: AMK MRT station, bus 133

Opening hours: 
8am - 10pm 

Mon to Sat & Eve of Public Holidays
5pm to 1am

12 noon to 12 Midnight

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Hui Yan- 

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