K-Palette 1 DAY TATTOO - Real Lasting Eyeliner 24hr Review

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You know one of the things that I really look forward to when I return to Singapore from Germany is the range of new beauty products in the market waiting for me to review. I love trying out new stuff and this new 1 DAY TATTOO makeup range from K-Palette sure perks my day.

I will be breaking down the reviews into the respective products so that this post will not be overloaded with information.

Let's start off with the K-Palette 1 DAY TATTOO eyeliners - Real Lasting eyeliner.

Crowned as one of Women's Weekly Best Beauty Buys, the 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting eyeliner, and their new (and incredibly amazing) 0.05 mm ultra-fine Real Lasting eyeliner 24h Micro are here to make your eyeliner drawing experience easier and better.

Real Lasting Eyeliner 24hr product details
 I have always been a sucker from eyeliners. Other than a nicely drawn pair of eyebrows, my next essential make up is the eyeliner. And because I have single eyelids, a non-smudge and waterproof liquid eyeliner works best for me. The well-structured brush gives a very smooth application, which ends up with a well defined winged eyelines that could last for the entire day.

Pardon my very tanned hands! I'm on my way to going back to the fair skin :(

Just like the 1 Day Tattoo ZERO TEMA BB CREAM, this Real Lasting eyeliner 24h also contains 3 beauty essences such as Hyaluronic Acid Na, Swertia Japonica essence and water soluble collagen, all of which help to aid lash growth and moisturise the eye area. Doesn't it sound like best of both worlds by taking care of your skin with your makeup? :)

I gave it a try just today on my brunch date with my lovely beauty blogger girlfriends, some of whom I've just met. The good thing is, the eyeliner does stay in touch like how it's said to be, but when I got home, I try to rub my eye lightly and some of the eyeliner actually came off. But then again, I really like how smooth the application can be, and I swear the Real lasting eyeliner is one of those many eyeliners out there that has the smoothest and sharpest brush ever.

Then we move on to their new 0.05 mm ultra-fine Real Lasting eyeliner. I'm particularly amazed by how thin the 0.05mm micro eyeliner is. Unfortunately I'm a single eyelid so I couldn't do tight lining, but it's certainly helpful when it comes to creating the perfect cat eye with a sharp and thing end.

Do you know?
K-Palette's 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner has its patented micro-fiber brush and waterproof polymer molecule for quick-dry and non-smudge eyemakeup - no wonder it can be applied so smoothly! 

So unreal but K-Palette has proved that 0.05 brush CAN EXIST! 

Drawing a very nice pair of cat-eye isn't easy. All I can say is, practice practice practice! 
This is especially harder for single/inner eyelids because people like me would have to draw really thick eyelines in order to make them visible. I used to draw really hideous eyelines, but it's all good now! 

So, just practice! ^_^  

Thank you K-Palette's team for the lovely eyeliners! 


Facial treatment at Far East Plaza Singapore - Queen’s Beauty Centre

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5 months without a facial treatment just freaks me out. Especially when I am plagued by a horrendous breakout that happened while I was overseas in Europe, I knew I needed a life savior for my skin.

I was kindly invited by Queen's Beauty Centre for a facial treatment. Besides the convenient location of the beauty salon being located in the heart of the city (Far East Plaza), Betty, the owner herself has over 36 years of experience, giving me a sense of relief because I knew I would be in good hands.

Betty giving me shoulder massage after feeling my extremely tensed shoulders

Before the facial began, I had a personal consultation with Betty where she scrutinized my skin condition and told me what was wrong with my skin. Tapping on Betty's vast knowledge on skin conditions, I got to understand the real problems behind such massive and unexpected outbreak on my forehead. Bearing in mind that my skin has always been plagued with only dry skin problems and the fact that pimple breakouts issue has never ever affected me, I am extremely worried about my outbreak. I expressed my concerns to Betty and she analysed my skin very carefully, and pointed out the following possible reasons for the outbreak:

Fast paced lifestyle (which I agree because of my travel plans while I was in Europe)
Irregular meals (again inevitable during traveling)
Change of diet (beer and chocolates as the main culprits)

Betty really impressed me a lot with her vast knowledge on acne and skin problem. Most of the time, she carries out the facial treatment herself because she believes in connecting to her customers on a personal level. In fact, Betty is one the rare beauticians I’ve met who can converse and explain to me the beauty technicalities in English during the facial treatment.

Fibro3 Peptides

The facial treatment that Betty decided to do for me was Fibro3 Peptides Program, formulated by the use of peptides and essential ingredients like plant extracts and minerals. The main purposes are to regulate and repair the skin, with steps to strengthen and firm the repaired skin with elements of collagen.

The facial treatment includes facial cleansing, an "Active Repair" mask as well as a shoulder massage. I even brought home a small bottle of facial repair essence that Betty had specifically combined for me using the different essences from the Fibro3 Peptides regime.

At the end of the facial, I felt really refreshed and rejuvenated. The best part is that the whole process was painless. This treatment does not involve extractions because it believes in simulating traumas to the skin to stimulate natural healing by the skin with the introduction of proteins through pulsation. A day later, some of my angry pimples have already dried up.

I’m giving this facial treatment thumbs up for the excellent personal service. But of course one session is not enough and I would encourage having at least 3 or more sessions for the best results.

Queen's Beauty Centre
Far East Plaza #04-103,
14 Scotts Road, (S)228213


BALLY Eyewear, by Eyetrendy Singapore

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I'm finally back in Singapore, still not sleeping at 1 am because of jet-lag, so I'm dedicating some time to this very trusty pair of sunglasses I have. This pair of sunglasses comes from Bally luxury eyewear collection, and I am truly satisfied with the durability of the sunglasses and the protection it provides to my delicate eyes.  

I've been wearing this sunglasses most of the time, and I think I'm a little biase towards this pair of sunglasses than the POLICE eyewear I have. Probably because the frame shape of this Bally sunglasses suits my round face more, and it kind of gives the illusion of a slimmer face due to the squarish frame and a pointy end on the top corner - in order words - cat's-eye shape. Besides, the maroon colour is such a sweet and fun colour! The colour isn't too outstanding as well so it goes really well with almost any of my outfits. 

In fact, this trusty pair of sunglasses has accompanied me up the hills, to road trips, sunny beaches and all the way down to the seawater! Despite dropping it so many times, the frame and lenses are all in-tact and doing well (heh heh). 

Up on the hill in Dubrovnik, Croatia 

About Bally (extracted from Eyetrendy)
Bally’s hallmark is the crafting of exquisite leather. For 160 years, Bally has been globally recognised for its ‘Swiss Made’ quality and contemporary style. Timeless hand workmanship traditions continue to imbue collections with great style and substance. Born in Switzerland in 1851, Bally has been at the very centre of European leather craftsmanship since artisans began combining ancient skills with new technology. The cohesion of form and function was a passion of Bally’s founder, Carl Franz Bally, a global pioneer in shoe design, construction and production. In 1976, Bally extended its product range to include handbags, leather accessories and ready-to- wear which have become an integral part of Bally’s modern collections for the global luxury market. Every product is testament to Bally’s passion for perfection: the punctuation of a brogue; the soft touch of a bag’s leather; the classic silhouette of a sartorial jacket; the elegant contour of a Bally heel. Now owned by LABELUX Group, Bally celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2011, making it the world’s most enduring luxury brand. With ever increasing global operations and a robust e-Commerce business, Bally continues to go from strength-to-strength every year. www.bally.com.

The eye frame seems to be brown but it's actually dark maroon under normal lightings, so it goes really well with the maroon temple (side frame) with tiny black squarish dots. I feel that in order to select a good pair of sunglasses, you first have to understand your face shape and try out different pair of glasses to see which suits you more! Watch this video and you might understand better: 

So, do you now know which type of shades suit you more? :)

While kayaking in the sea of Croatia!

Roadtrip in Morocco, North Africaaaaaa

Sunny beach in Bol, Split

I must really give thanks to Eyetrendy Singapore/Sinkwang for this lovely pair of sunglasses! I now officially declare that this is my favourite favourite pair. Thank you Eye-trendy Singapore! :)


Singapore Fashion Blog on Zalora Singapore

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ZALORA Singapore has been well-known for the vast variety of apparels and brands they carry online. Their trustworthy system and the advantage of paying on delivery gained many trusts of the shoppers, especially females! 

More about ZALORA Singapore

I read a few articles on Zalora's blog and I particularly like those with step-by-step guide. The best part is that they link up the products back to the ZALORA's online shop, so it saves readers the trouble to find the items individually. 

An example article on ZALORA blog

In the blog, you'll also get to know more behind-the-scenes of Zalora, such as fashion events and the latest fashion trends on their 'press' tab. 

You should give this new Singapore Fashion Blog a read! 


Guide to travel around Croatia | 1 week itinerary for Croatia


Srd Hill in Dubrovnik
Before I start penning down the things to do to make sure your Croatia vacation goes on smoothly, I have to inform you that the cities that I visited are and in the sequence of: Zagreb > Plitvice Lakes > Zadar > Split & Bol > Dubrovnik.

Total days spent = 7D6N
Total expenditure (excluding accommodation, but including bus tickets in between cities) = 300 euros
Currency in Croatia: Kuna (1 euro = 7.555kn)


Good tips to know about Croatia travel:

Tip #1 Bus ticket prices do not include baggage storage on the lower deck of the bus. It usually costs about 7-10kunas (~1 – 1.5 euros)

Tip #2 Prices reflected on the bus websites are usually not reliable. Better to buy it at the bus terminals.

Tip #3 Communication barrier is rather serious. Most of the people do not know how to speak English, except the service staff.

Tip #4 My friends recommend spending more time in Plitvice lakes, but staying overnight there is really expensive. Always check out the bus timings once you reach Plitvice lakes, and buy the latest departing bus if you want to avoid high accommodation costs.

Tip #5 Split is generally less costly and touristy than Dubrovnik. Similar item from Split costs about 2 to 3 times more in Dubrovnik!

Tip #6 The popular cities not to miss in Croatia are Plitvice lakes (not a city sorry), Split and Dubrovnik. Zadar is just a place to chill and one full day is more than enough.

Tip #7 Exchange rates are better in Croatia banks, and they do not charge commission. Exchange rates are also better in Split, Zagreb or Zadar than Dubrovnik (probably because D is the most touristic).


General 7D6N Croatia itinerary:
(very lengthy and with photos ahead!)

Day 1: Arrived Zagreb in the morning. Took the 0815 bus straight to Plitvice lakes (Plitvička jezera), arrived at ~1100. Walked around Plitvice lakes (more like rushed through) before taking a bus to Zadar at 1700.  We chose to leave Plitvice with the last bus because staying in Plitvice hotels is expensive. The last bus leaves Plitvice around evening. Once we reached Zadar and placed our bags at our hostel, we went ahead with dinner in Zadar.

Mini map on your ticket.
Ticket pricing varies according to age and season timing

My travel buddies from SMU

Just please look at the colour and the reflection of the lake!

I cheated the duck's feelings because I didn't feed it haah

Bus Ticket:
Zagreb > Plitvice 101 kn
Plitvice > Zadar 100 kn


Meat feast in Zadar

Day 2: Began the day in Zadar. Zadar is actually a very small town so there is practically nothing to do here. I only suggest coming here if you would like to come for a swim in the sea with must lesser tourists. Took bus from Zadar to Split at 1600 and reach at 2000. Settled down at my couchsurfing host’s place and we called it a day early to rest well for the next day J

Bus Ticket: Zadar > Split 100 kn


Day 3: Started our day in Split with good weather and good mood! Thankfully it wasn’t drizzling like how it did in Plitvice. The weather was in fact a little hot (end july) so get your sunblock ready. We walked around Split’s old town and had lunch at Restaurant Fife, which was indeed cheap but not that great I would say. We continued walking around the town and chanced upon their morning market, fish market and some street stalls along the way. 

Some Croatian beer to kill the heat

And we climbed up the Marjan Hill to enjoy this panoramic view of Split

And at any point of time, just sit down and enjoy the view!

Try to do your purchases all in Split if your next destination is Dubrovnik, because Dubrovnik's stuff is much more expensive. 

By 1500, we took the ferry to Supertar where we then had to take a bus from Supertar to Bol, the famous beach for tourists.

Ferry Ticket: Split > Supertar 33 kn (1.5hr)
Bus ticket: Supertar > Bol 50 kn (round trip!) (1-1.5hr)

Bol's beach

So we spent some time enjoying the sun at the pebbles beach, swimming in the cooling clear blue sea and having a good meal when the night kicks in. We met a fellow couchsurfer at my CS’s host’s place and he advised us to stay overnight in Bol because from evening till the next morning, there’s no one at all, which is true! The next morning after staying overnight at the beach, we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and a tranquil beach with no one to disturb the serenity. I highly recommend staying overnight at Bol’s beach. We had sleeping bags with us so the cold didn’t affect us.

This charming little boy happened to look at my direction when I sneak a photo of him

And a retarded photo of me swimming in the (extremely salty & ) clear blue seaaaa~

Because people are all here for sun-tanning, most of them left even before the sunset! So we pretty much had the view all to ourselves.


This was what we woke up to at 0500 :')

Day 4: So we woke up at the Bol beach, all weary and stinky since we didn’t bathe the previous night. We took the bus at 1045 and reached back home at about 1300 before taking a good shower and having a good home-cooked lunch. Finally we completed all our laundry and headed out rather late at 1700. Had a good seafood dinner at this family restaurant and walked around the city center, and that’s about it!

Fish selection while ordering

Swordfish!! Although it tasted mediocre


Day 5: The next morning we had to catch our bus from Split to Dubrovnik. It was a good 4 hours ride so I advice taking the morning bus and you’ll still be able to spend some evening time in Dubrovnik. We stayed in Dalmatia Botel, a hotel operating on a ship. It’s cheap but it comes with some disadvantages like a distance away from the Old Town (tourist place) and terrible ventilation and air conditioning. However, the Botel is really near the bus terminal and it’s relatively cheap, so we made do with it. We spent the rest of the day walking around the Old Town, buy some souvenirs and that’s it.

Dalmatia Botel's room

Plucking wild berries while on the way, LOL

Day 6: Woke up in the morning and decided to have an impromptu hike up to Dubrovnik’s Srd Hill. We hiked for about 2 hours because we weren’t prepared for the hike, and thus we were wearing slippers for the hike (ridiculous I know). The hardship to hike with slippers is indescribable.

So I urge you to wear proper footwear for the hike because this is the view that awaits you:

After the hike, we went to the Banje beach to chill around with some beer and fruits. Didn’t go for a swim because the water has turned really cold by evening.


Day 7: Finally the last day in Dubrovnik, and also Croatia. We decided to make this day fulfilling by joining a kayak tour (we went for the sunset tour at 3 euros more) which is priced at 35euro per person. The price is all very similar across a few agencies. What made the kayak amazing was the opportunity to go for amazing cliff jumping. I jumped off the cliff into the sea and it was terrifying as hell. I couldn’t recall how I made the jump but yes, I did it! It was a little painful but I probably will go again if I could :P

Check out the tan-line on the thighs yo

The snorkeling part of the Kayak was so underwhelming but the whole kayaking experience was really worth it. My Croatia trip feels completed by participating in some water activities.

Some pictures during the kayak!

Because I can't get enough of selfies on the kayak.... hahaha


And that pretty much wraps us my whole Croatia trip, in one full lengthy post! Some people didn’t really enjoy Croatia but I guess it’s because they didn’t really go for the water activities maybe? I totally enjoyed Croatia and so did my two girl friends! They suggested that it might be awesome to be on a road trip instead because you’ll be able to drive along the coastlines and stop by to enjoy any scenery at any point of time. While it might be true for that, it’s also not easy to drive along the mountainous roads and besides, it’s left-hand driving here in Croatia. But of course this is nothing to some people and I do know some friends who do road trips around Europe.

We also did our first hitchhiking and I must say I didn’t know it’s so hard to do it until I really experience it. The awkwardness and embarrassment from all the stares and smirks from the drivers driving past you sure aren’t pleasant. Despite that, we still managed to get our very first hitchhike in Dubrovnik! Hahaha then comes the great feeling of accomplishment after all the embarrassment, it really calls for a celebration by having a good seafood meal heheh.

Thank you Croatia for leaving me such great memories!

Check out all my travel photos on my instagram.